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I own those speakers for about a year and they're great and all that but I got one problem. Sometimes when turned on there's an harsh sound coming out even if my mixer is turned on or not. I'm using some old RCA cables I found in my room. Are they the cause of the problem? Buying better cables will stop this harsh sound coming out?


So that I don't start a new topic for this, I'm gonna ask here. What do you think about the Ultrasone DJ1 ( not PRO version )? I've read alot on the internet and most of the reviews were good, but it's no harm to ask again, is it? I'm gonna use them for everyday iPod listening and also for DJing and music producing. Anything in better in the price range?


English isn't my native language and I'm no expert, so if something is unclear just ask me and I'll try my best explaining what I wanted to mean.


Thanks all for the help!