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Alright guys I am getting some over analysis paralysis. Currently I am running apple lossless through MBP to the total bithead and grado sr225. I will be upgrading to the grado Rs2i or Audiotechnica ath ad2000 but I am not concerned about my headphone decision. I simply want you guys to know they are low impedence. I am looking for a substantial upgrade to my total bithead that I could achieve for $300 used or new if my price point wont give a good increase let me know. I was looking at the NFB 3.1 audio-gd and having a dedicated standalone DAC appeals to me. I would look at future upgrades like the gilmore lite/dynalo or mapletree EAR(finance dependent of course).


If I get a dedicated DAC and lose the intigrated bithead amp will I suffer much? Do I atleast need to budget another $200 for a used gilmore/dynalo? I would rather not increase the budget to much however, only if necessary(strongly suggested).  I am pretty lost when it comes to dedicated DACS and I am not set on one brand or another and actually prefer used for bang for the buck.



Edit:Yulong d100 is also a consideration

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The NFB 3.1 is a DAC, so you'd need an amp to pair with it. I've read the Dynalo is good, but never heard it myself. The MAD Ear+ is definitely great with Grados. I run a Schiit Bifrost and original MAD Ear+ with RS-1s with good results.


The Yulong D100 is a DAC/amp so that's the only thing you'd need. I've read good things about it. Not sure how well it matches with Grados.


Also, if you haven't already tried the RS-2i with flat pads, TRY IT!

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So even with low impedance phones I wouldn't be able to get away with just the NFB 3.1 for now?  At the current moment I would add the Gilmore lite and save for the mapletree. 


I guess it would be a big no no to run the totalbithead to the mad ear? :p


My only concern with the d100 is that I would want the mad ear eventually and would be stuck again looking for separate components.

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How are you gonna hook up your phones to a DAC? You need a line-level signal out to an amp.


You could hook up the MAD Ear to the Total Bithead, but you can't bypass the amp in the Bithead. It'd technically work, but probably not what you want.


You can bypass the amp in the D100, so you could get that for now and then save up for the MAD Ear.


Ultimately, I'd recommend just staying with what you have until you save enough to get what you really want :) The SR225 sound great straight out of the MBP itself. Sure, they sound better with a great DAC and AMP ... but man :)

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Hmm I seemed to have overlooked the dac to amp connection:p 

now the D100 having a amp that I can disconnect is VERY appealing but perhaps I do need to just sit on it. Thank you

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