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The soundstage effect just makes it sound distant in a very artificial way... maybe you found a good setting. I do like the denon app, free too.
But im beginning to think that no EQing is best. music with these apps sound washed out even before applying any EQ. I'll play with it at some point.

true, right, i have this feeling of no EQing thing , which would make the track originally recorded and as that is the way they are supposed to be listened.
you know, as i said am using Stereophonics app, everyday am beginning to lower the low frequency on my EQ, while the highs are already flat:)) wow slowly towards true audiophile:D

What setup are you using with your iphone?
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Itouch, xba-3 which can easily boost bass and the sonicmax does that best... but im letting them go. mh1c dont need any more bass, but i may try lowering it just to see. theres a thread about EQing them along with others budget iems.

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wow, another mh1c liker, so, what would you say about the soundstage and instrument separation on mh1c?
i use cks77, want to upgrade to budget cutoms with 3 drivers (1 dyna and 2 BA), and itouch 4 doesnt give much volume if not amped
or am addicted to amping,lol, so, have been searching a smartphone that could give enough volume or should i say a nice amp in the phone besides DAC, there are many wolfs going on many phones, right now the best phone as of what people say is Meizu 4x,
ll probably search more though.
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the itouch gives just enough power, have to stay 3-4 notches before full. mh1c being smoother can get to 2 notches. any more would be too loud. i dont think an amp is needed for the itouch, but i've never tried.

i almost got the cks77, but settled for the fx3x which are very close.

dont know anything about that phone... what wolfs you talkin about?

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yeah, with stock player itouch volume is good but then who likes stock player, actually when you increase the low freq, the sound comes vieled , or that may be due to the IEM am using, i use soundmagic E10. you know what am going to get the mh1c next week ,lots of +ve views:))

when i said wolfs i meant there are some phones on the market that comes with wolfson DAC, like galaxy s3, s2 and Meize 4x quad core
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o you are in for a surprize. they will be super smooth, and let them burn in a bunch.

good to know about the wolf thing, but between the itouch and clip+ there is no going wrong. looking at the new Ele dac for the laptop though ;)

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Got the SonicMax Pro for my 3rd Gen iPod Touch. It's good but TO ME, it sounds similar to the free Denon Audio Equalizer but with a cleaner more refined sound. I've been going back and forth and can't think of any stand outs.

As far as EQ apps, the biggest difference I noticed was with a trial run of the MyTunesPro, that had some effect settings that literally changed the song exponentially. The problem with MyTunesPro is that it runs very slow on the touch and it takes a long time to load.
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Did another comparison and SonicMaxPro wins for me.

BBE SonicMaxPro - Basically the most balanced sound, has more powerful and clear bass/heavy guitars with just enough atmosphere and reverb to give a full not muddy sound
Denon Audio Equalizer- Great EQ IMO, I can't see how this as an EQ can be beats especially the fact that it's free. It just doesn't have the power and fullness of the BBE.
MyTunesPro- Similar to BBE and it has EQ in addition to effects, it seems like this app run louder than the others and it's not as "clear" or "powerful" sounding on heavy metal songs for me.
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