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Ok so I bought a pair of headphones off of recommendations from posters on this site. Now i want to get better source components. Thanks for that by the way hahah. But i was looking at the NuForce Icon HDP since it has all the features i want.


1.) Built in headphone amp

2.) USB input for my computer,

3.) coaxial input for my reciever, and an

4.) analog output for getting my music from my computer to my receiver without using the integrated soundcard's output.


so my question is, is the NuForce Icon HDP worth buying, and are there any less cheaper options with the 4 features i listed?


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NuForce's uDAC does all that, It's about 1/4th the price too.

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You can also look at the Fiio E10

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The HDP is a good choice. DAC is pretty good. Headphone amp is very good. For the price and the features, it's hard to beat for the price.


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