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For Sale: Audio-gd C-2C Headphone Amp

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For Sale:
Audio-gd C-2C Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: USA

I am selling my Audio-gd C-2C headphone amplifier.  It is absolutely in mint condition with zero scratches or dents. I've had the headphone amp for over a year, so it has gone over its "burn-in" period.  I no longer needed as it is a bit of an overkill for my needs.  I have a soundcard that has a headphone amplifier and I've been using that lately instead of my stand alone amp.  I bought this for over $400 as it was shipped from China.  That's where the manufacturer is located.  I am asking for $290, shipping and handling is included in the price as well.  Let me know if this is a fair asking price, and if not we can work out something.  I haven't been in the forums in a while. I don't consider myself as much of an audiophile anymore and never really considered myself one.  I just appreciated good sound.


I accept paypal and will give you instructions once I receive an offer.  I will ship the product the same day or next day after I receive the payment and will provide you with a tracking number and the required info you ask for.

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Dropped price to $290.  I see many amps for sale and not many people buying.  I guess this is a bad time to sell headphone amps, lol.

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SOLD smily_headphones1.gif.

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