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For Sale:
IC: Gilmore V1 w/ DACT stepped attenuator (two-box version)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is an older amp - not sure how many people on the forums are familiar with it anymore. I've had it for... years, since 2005 I believe. It's still working like a champ, though the led on the amp box is dim and the one on the power supply is completely shot. I don't have much frame of reference on the sound anymore but I've used plenty of cans with this amp (most recently the K271 and DT880) and never had any complaints about musicality or ability to drive any of them. It's also been nice having two inputs and a pre-out.


I've been contemplating moving on to something different for some time, but a shortage of rent money is forcing my hand. Problem is, I have no idea what this amp is worth given its age, hence the interest check.


Edit: Pics! Sorry about the shallow DOF - it's dark in my apartment and I have NO flash.


Gilmore V1 Front.jpg    Gilmore V1 Back.jpg


Gilmore V1 Internals A.jpg   Gilmore V1 Internals B.jpg

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