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IEM's For Keeps! No ifs, ands, or buts!

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As per the title, I'm curious to know, irrespective of price, which in-ear(s) are you most loyal to; one(s) you couldn't possibly do without, even if (like myself) you've revisited it time and time again? For me, it's the e-Q5 (for its exceptional transparency) and FX700 (for its unprecedented & exceptional timbre), the two I remain most loyal to, above all others. biggrin.gif

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Haven't tried many IEMs but most of the top-tier universals and yet I've only kept the SE425s - It's pretty much the ultimate balance of my wants. Another one is the black Sony MDR-EX32, a cheapy but it's proven it's worth 1000 times over, taken so much abuse over the years in the gym.

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My ying and yang, the e-Q7 and FX700. 

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Just like you, I cannot be without my FX700. Its powerful natural sounding bass, treble sparkle, soundstage and of course it's timbre has me impressed each and every time I listen to them. In my books, there are lots of number 2s, but the FX700 is my clear cut favourite and the one I remain most loyal to. 

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I don't have a lot of experience yet (just some a few flagships: W4, tf10, addiem? and 2nd best ones: se425, ue700).


Of all the IEMs I have tried, I like TF10 the best for its fun signature. For genres that require a neutral signature, I use my full sized can.

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Etymotic ER4S. Though it is a little thin, it is my reference for detail. It picks out things even my stax may miss (due to its deep insertion).

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For universals TF10, CK10, and ER4S

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I've tried almost all westones (except the UM-2), some Final Audio Design's, Radius DDMs, the SM3, UE 700, S.Fi 5, and a bunch of others and my favorite so far would have to be my GR07. It's really comfortable, especially with its adjustable nozzle and stock tips, though Monster Foam Supertips make it even better.


Soundwise, I love them. Of all I've tried, I still preferred it except when I tried UM Merlins (but I don't think it's a fair comparison).

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ATH-CK10 are my favorite of all the time for combination of build quality, SQ and comfort

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No doubt in my mind, it is ER4-S for IEM. I have been using my same pair since 2001(?) and the only thing that I changed is the replacement tips and its filters. I went through 3 deployments with this pair and it is still with me. It just keeps on working.

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I'm partial to my RE-262s and Triple.Fi 10s. I can't imagine getting rid of either one of those.

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One earphone that I will keep until it breaks is the Brainwavz M2. It sounds great and even though it doesn't cost much is so much fun and very useful for other things such as videos and such and also is built well with a nice case so it isn't going anywhere.

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For me it's the GR10. Nothing's perfect but these never cease to impress.wink_face.gif Maybe too telling for some setups but rewarding for others. Nice package of convenience, comfort and sound.


 I've got a pair of ADDIEMs that are too good for the $20 I've got in them. If you've got a pair that you're not worried about, make the rear vent about a full width circle instead of the slot it is now and throw on some shure olives, leave a couple mm at the bass if you want it less lean. If the vent's too small, it's midbassy, too large and it's normal addiem bass which is vague. They're just more informative than other cheap phones and this solves their other deficiencies for the most part. I don't like to have more than 3 around at a time and nothing's forever but both the Grado and tweaked addiems have hung in there a while, for different reasons.

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I have the fx700 enroute from japan now.  I hope theyre the keepers but we shall see. cancelled my order the for fxt90 because i always wanted to try the fx700.  also thinking of a low level custom like the 1964, DreamEarz, or UMs.  Would love to get the jh13 as i lvoed the 16 but theyre just too pricey for me right now.

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I owned



i currently own



of these 5 , i would keep the 272 , eyes closed.

in fact i am considering selling my eq-5.

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