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New Beats Headphones, the "Executive"

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These actually look pretty darn slick and nontacky. Thoughts?



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Not another stupid overpriced, crap sounding excuse for a headphone... On first glance, they remind me of the shure SRH series. 

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Like the all black

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These are apparently going to cost around 400 bones.

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I'm allergic to Beats headphones but the new Beats look pretty solid. Maybe Monster decided to change direction. Who knows?

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So, with these and the Guetta ones coming out, how many new types of Beats are coming out?

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I see one good possible outcome of this flurry of new beats that're being released. Maybe companies that make good headphones will drop their prices some to be more competitive and then I can buy more cans.


not that that's likely or anything considering that most headphones don't even have to try and compete with beats.

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"beat's legendary sound quality in a more refined package" they say.  Going by this they mean the same sound as before?  Meaning the legendary mediocreness + more expensive housing = more expensive headphones with nicer build quality but the same sound.

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This is it!!


Its the end!!


This spells the end of head-fi and protable audiophillia.


There is no stopping Jimmy Iovine now!!


He'll run every single headphone company to the ground!!!


LCD3??  HAH! 

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Hmm, I wonder how it'll compare to the LCD-3, HD800 and SR-009...







































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I think they look decent, not the best, but I would wear them based on looks. I really do like the black. Sound quality is another thing though, and I say we give it a fair chance before criticizing them. 

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I don't think anything with the beats logo on it has ever sounded good.

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I wouldn't know about that, some of the turbine specs seem to be at least decent albeit overpriced.


But I think it's fair to say that sound probably won't depart too far from the current beats lineup.

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I'll take my chances on a new ATH A900X I just ordered yesterday for a $100 less. Why do I have a feeling these new Audio Technicas are gonna be superior in every way in the sound department. Just a haunch. Maybe they have been reading the threads here at headfi.  Could they have been seeing what V-moda has been doing with their newer M-80s? With comments such as.." These are what the beats should be.?" Hmmm. Who knows, maybe they straightened out the sound on these. Lets hear the first review on them and see what happens.

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They do look amazing, but it's unfortunate that what clockmaker said. Anything with the beats logo on it sounds horrible. I don't get how can a company who produces the turbine series could actually produce a beats series with such a crappy audio quality... I'd really hope they improve the sound quality (by a huge margin) for this though... 


Either way, there's too much beats variation in the market, think monster is wasting away their money on useless R&D.

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