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WTB: RE0 In-Ear Earphones

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm curious to see if anyone here might happen to have a slightly used set of RE0 In-Ear Earphones laying around somewhere, that they no longer have any use for tongue_smile.gif


I'm looking for a set of RE0s which do not show or display any obvious signs of use, and that operate and perform almost as they did the day they were purchased new. Preferably this would either be the angled-plug design or the straight plug (and not the pigtail plug design, as I have heard of people having all kinds of issues with this edition --- I think this one leaves a lot to be desired. I actually am one of those who had an issue with a pair featuring the pigtail plug design, not long ago, earlier this year as a matter of fact, and the pair had to be returned).


In a perfect world, these phones should not already have more than about 200 hours of use on them, however at least 100 hours would be fine --- really, anything under 200 should work just fine --- as long as the earphones still look and function as well as they did the day you purchased them.


At the present time I am currently entertaining offers. . .so if interested, please send a PM. . .ksc75smile.gif



Thanks cool.gif


Cheers beerchug.gif

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