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For Sale or Trade: AKG K 400

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For Sale or Trade:
AKG K 400

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a AKG K 400 for sale or trade because i can´t wear it properly. The headband is just too loose for my head. Unfortunately i don´t know if that´s normal or if the headband is just too loose beause i never owned a pair before. It works 100% and is in a very good optical condition. This is an IC because i don´t checked any prices, yet. 


I will anywhere with DHL. (




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You should try replacing the elastics which tighten the earcups on your ears.  Often these headphones loose the elasticity in the headband over time resulting in the poor fit which you are experiencing.  They can be replace cheaply with a woman's hair tie, as illustrated in a thread somewhere on this site.  I really think the K400 is a special sounding headphone so it is worth it for you to try getting a better fit before selling it off.  They are also waaay better sounding when you have them hooked up to a good system, trust me.

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want to trade for a pair of IEM's?

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back up for sell or trade

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still wish to trade for my IEM's?

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