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For Sale: Meier Corda Swing

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For Sale:
Meier Corda Swing

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale or trade as I am looking for a bigger amp to drive a GS1000i (surely this amp can drive a GS1000i).

I am the first owner and I bought it in the beginning of August 2011. I don't smoke and I take care of my equipment. I am able to take some more detailed photos (but only on request and interest).


The CORDA SWING is a small budget-amp with a big sound. It has a warm and detailed sound with a strong PRAT (Pacing, Rhythm and Timing). This one really makes you tap your feet! We feel it's a very nice entry amp for a nice price!
Of course this amp also has a crossfeed filter as well as a gain-switch to accommodate the use of high sensitive headphones.

New price: 245 euro


Looking for 225 200 165 euro.


Shipping to Europe preferred but will ship internationally as well.

Netto weight: 0,8 kg.


Shipping to Italy for example:

Shipping charge 32 euro (insured up to 180 euro + tracking)

The packet weights between 1 and  2 kg.

(The amp alone weights 0.8 kg so if you add the package you can never get it just up to 1 kg. If I could but impossible then it would be 10 euro cheaper)

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The Swing drives the Gs1000i very well but if I could upgrade to the Classic it would even be better so I would like to sell the Swing.

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Price drop: 200 euro!

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Final Price drop: 180 euro!

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The SWING is an upgrade from the previous Meier Audio Arietta amp. Sound is almost the same except that there is a gain mode for this new model.
You can find more reviews for Arietta than Swing =)

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Sale cancelled (it is a quite portable home amp so it would not hurt to keep this amp as a 2nd amp or I could donate it to my sister if I get another bigger amp)

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For sale again. Just bought a Concerta amp and looking for new funds for my investment.
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