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Talk about an about-face!


l was experimenting on my old Meelectronics SP51 last night and made a new discovery!


So, whoever owns the Meelectronics SP51 and has spare small foam tips from Sidy must try this!



1. Meelectronics SP51

2. Small foam tips from Sidy

3. Black tuning port


The small tips will fit a person with medium ears perfectly because of the wider and longer nozzle and the small housing of the SP51. Fits perfect in my medium size ears!.....Note: If you use large ear tips? Than try the medium foam tips to get the fit needed. 


But, get a load of the sound!


Try it with my configuration above!!!


Results: Beautifully balanced, clear mids and highs, clean sub-bass and mid-bass, and great soundstage! No harshness, sibilant and treble peaks. Just a smooth, open and spacious sound signature!


Who ever owns these, just try it!

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