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For Sale: Unique Melody Miracle - Sold

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For Sale:
Unique Melody Miracle - Sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey Guys,

Not a lot of info needed, as if you've clicked here I'm sure you already know what your in for.


Up for sale are my UM Miracles.


I absolutely love these Customs, but I find myself reaching for the Merlins 90% of the time. So I'll be passing these up, which I may very well regret, but need the cash for christmas.


Quick Overview:


6 BA Driver, very reference sound to them. I bought them from UM Aus in July 2011, and come with a 2 year warranty never been re-shelled, moulded to my ears and fit perfectly first time.


You will need them re-moulded to your ears, and there are many different places that offer this service, but I would recommend UM. As everyone knows their build quality are second to none. Also who better to tune them to the new moulds than the original manufacturer.


Here's your chance to experience the best for less :D



Willing to part with them for AUD$500 +shipping (+4% paypal if not as gift), they come with all accessories. Included the faux leather box if you like (although shipping will be cheaper without it) Cable included is the stock UM cable, I have 2 and you can choose which you like, 1 has the memory wire and the other I have removed with wire cutters as I prefer them without.


- Sold Payment Completed!





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holy crap what  a deal!  wish i woulda known this was coming. I woulda held out.  

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Sold pending payment.

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Payment completed!

Item is now sold, thanks all for the interest, and good luck finding another set.

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