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BBOP, you are probably right and that is the reason I figured I could just live with the Q701.  The highs sound better all the time, too, to be honest.  Maybe it's just my understanding of them breaking in some more (and the fact they were tame and rolled off compared to the 325is)... funny how that works!  Someone will probably work out a mod to "un-cup" the Q701 mids at some point anyway, if this really is happening  ;)


I've heard a few people say that the G-cushions make the Grados brighter, but do increase the soundstage and are much more comfortable.  What do you think about that with your 325is and do you use any EQ to compensate, if necessary?  I had definitely considered the G-cush, but I was wondering if I should spend the additional $45 after hearing that.

Yah, the G-Cush does alter the FR but it's a trade off I'll live with.  My problem was I really didn't like the comfort level of the small, stock bowls so I had to do something or get some different headphones.  


I think it's good that you've found how to EQ the Q's for better sound.  No EQ here.


I've sent my 325is's out to get a woodie mod, I like the look, who knows if I'll like the sound.tongue_smile.gif  Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my PS500's which are definitely better and should be for the price diff.


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If it weren't for the comfort problem, which is specifically the top half of my right ear feeling a burning sensation after 40 minutes, I would seriously think about the PS500 as a replacement for the 325is when they start coming around used.  The Grado sound is highly entertaining in its own way and I am proud (like probably many others) that they are made in America.  They sound great with an iDevice too, but I won't be wearing them out and about so I'm still going to sell.


I've been told that PS500 cans are more neutral than the 325i... and your review seems to (just a LITTLE ;)  indicate that.  Have you tried your salad bowls (LOL) out with them yet or are you still getting used to them stock?  By the way, I am really looking forward to becoming a jazz snob, so I'd be happy to get some recommendations of your favorite albums if you have time since it is such an overwhelmingly large genre.


Your wooden shells on the 325i might be a killer combo.  General opinion at head-fi appears to me that adding wood to any Grado is beneficial in smoothing them out.  I always notice how most of the highest end cans have wood shells (LCD-2, R10, Thunderpants, PS500 etc.).

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OK, in the end... here is how it went down.  I'm keeping the Q701 unless I hear something that just completely blows my mind.  It is simply amazing how good it is for the money.


What ended up happening with the "tizzy highs", lack of bass, and muffled vocals that I had was the fact I was running my FLAC files out of the computer through Windows "directsound" API.  Once I heard these phones on some other rigs, I started thinking and doing my research as to why I wasn't sure about my own results.


I then switched to using the MusicBee player since it can utilize WASAPI out of the box.  Apparently, this just streams the raw audio out of the codec untouched to the DAC, unlike directsound which basically mangles it horribly.  With this bypass mode, the Nuforce is also SMASHING it compared to an iPod or computer sound card DAC.  I've never been able to hear such nuance and have it sound so real; for example, the difference in texture between electronic and acoustic bass.  Crazy.


After this configuration change and EQ'ing in a bit of 120 hz and 16 khz (emphasis by subtracting the rest of the spectrum, of course, so as to not introduce any overdrive), these phones are INCREDIBLE!!  I would like to hear something even better, as it is now clear to me that I would have an ear for it, but it will be tough to dissuade me away from this excellent value, I am happy to report.


OK, that's the end of my nOOb-rave... it turns out you head-fi folks aren't just chasing the wind after all and I'm officially in some kind of audio heaven  ;)


Thanks for the help.

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