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The meet was a good time, thanks again Charles for carpooling us out there.  Thanks to all the MOTs and organizers who showed up too.  

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looks like a great time thanks for the LCD3, 009 and JH 3a impressions 

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Another very successful NY meet.  Thanks to Erik and all those who helped pull this together.  There was a great showing of gear from MOTs and memebers.


As usual I spent most of my time yapping it up with good friends and meeting new people.

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Thanks Erik for setting up the meet & all the vendors& donations for the not so silent auction.


I got to the meet after work & really didn't listen to much did a lot of yapping.


My impressions are from very short listening times so take them with a grain of salt.


I listened to the SR009 with the Wess,BHSE Kerry built,Cavalli amp. I am going against the grain on these phones They pretty much held the same signature with all the amps.Boardering on the Bright side very clean & open sounding.I can see them being fatiging after awhile,

system matching will be  a must.


The Lcd3 with the Woo6SE just sounded right to me, I did not listen to the LCD2 at his meet but I see an improvement that makes me want to pickup a pair of LCD3s.


The HE500s with the EF6 amp was also  a good pairing.


THe Thunderpants where also a surpise on the looks and sound,alittle loose on the bass ,if I didn't have the T5ps I would pickup a pair to use as a closed headphone.


The dinner and conversations with other members is always the highlight of the meets for me.

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Let me start by giving a big thanks to Erikzen for organizing the meet.  Without him, none of this would've been possible.  Also, thanks to Yikes for taking over when Erikzen had to leave, and for running the Not-So-Silent Auction (which was incredibly successful, raising money to defray the expenses from both this meet and a future NY meet).  And thanks to everybody that donated items to the auction.


Also, thanks to the MoTs who were in attendance.  Jack Wu (Woo Audio), Vinni Rossi (Red Wine Audio), Pete Carini (Beyerdynamic), Alex Rosson (Audez'e), Dr. Beth Orliss (JHAudio) and the gentlemen from HeadDirect were all incredibly amicable.  They also made some great donations to the Not-So-Silent Auction.  Vinni, find me a matched pair of those EAT 6922s!


The highlight of the meet was, without question, meeting and talking to all of the people that help to make Head-Fi the community it is.  I had a great time chatting at some length with Decur, Vcoheda, Cat6man, Coupe, Davederek, Erikzen, Yikes, Wavoman, Kerry, El_doug, Sphinxvc, Tmoney, Nikongod, Liqtenexp and Krisstack.  I appreciate the diversity of opinions, as well as the entertaining anecdotes.  If I unintentionally missed making mention of anybody in specific, my apologies.


There were some great rigs at the show!  Thanks to everybody who brought their personal rigs and DIY equipment.

-Kerry's BHSE was built like a tank and sounded fantastic (makes me glad I have a BHSE on order from HeadAmp).

-Nikongod's Silver Ghost was great across the board, and had wonderfully clean hard-hitting bass.

-Cat6man's Stax 404LE (out of a Stax T1) were truly impressive, and had more bass than I thought one could get out of pair of Lambdas.

-The Thunderpants, HE-6 Prototypes and Audio Technica W1000 sounded quite excellent as well.

-I've never been much of a Grado fan, but Wavoman's modded Grado (PS1000?) out of Vcoheda's Sony CD transport (XA5400ES?) and HeadAmp desktop amp sounded pretty good, though I wouldn't use those headphones for vocals.

-I finally got the opportunity to hear a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC, courtesy of Krisstack, and now I want one.

-Decur's RWA CD transport and Woo's new CD transport sounded good, and are super slick looking too.


I did get a few questions about the Cavalli Liquid Lightning amp, so I thought I'd post a few answers to the common ones:

-Regarding the volume: The Cary Xciter, the source I used with the Liquid Lightning, is a single-ended source.  The prototype amp only has balanced inputs (though the final production model will have both balanced and single-ended inputs).  As such, I was forced to use a pair of RCA-to-XLR interconnects, effectively cutting the gain in half.  That's why the volume had to be turned up so high to reach appropriate listening volumes.  To put it plainly, this was entirely my fault for not owning a balanced source, and *not* a flaw in the amplifier.

-"Is the Liquid Lightning an eXStatA?": No.  It's not.  It's not even close.  The circuit design is something completely and entirely different from the eXStatA.

-Regarding chassis size: The chassis is large to accommodate the transformer necessary for HV rails.  Chassis size will not be smaller in the production model.  However, akin to the Liquid Fire, which weighs approximately 8lb, the Liquid Lightning is also incredibly lightweight.  I carried it in under one arm, and I'm not a strong guy by any stretch of imagination.

-Regarding ordering: The website will be updated soon to reflect that this amplifier is available for pre-order.

*Note*: I am in no way affiliated with Cavalli Audio.  I do not stand to gain, financially or otherwise, from exhibiting or speaking well of their products, and I brought the amp to the meet because Dr. Cavalli and Brian Kurtz couldn't make it, and asked me nicely if I could bring it on their behalf.  If you think I'm a shill, you're entitled to your opinion, but please note that I do have a HeadAmp BHSE on order with Justin.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with me via PM.


Hope everybody had fun at the meet, and thanks for coming.  Great turnout.  Hope to see you all again soon!


-Pras (sridhar3)

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a big thank you to erik who put this meet together!

also,thank you to all the m.o.t's who were very generous donating at the auction!

also,a big thanks to yikes for being our outstanding auctioneer.

ok,here goes my impressions.

i was out at rmaf canjam 1 month ago,and heard all the latest and greatest like stax sr009,lcd3 phones

i also heard the liquid lightning stat amp,woo wes,headamp bhse all with sr009,and lcd3s with an assortment of really nice amps.

it was special for me to hear the sr009s and lcd3 again 1 month later to rethink my opinions.

to me,the best amp hands down for sr-009 is headamp blue hawaii se. when i heard this pairing at canjam,i was blown away. it just had a way of pulling me into the music and not letting go.

the sr009 is the most detailed and transparent phone i have ever heard! and with bhse it was very musical .

the wes-sr009 combo just plain does not move me. i do not like the synergy of this pairing. i really like the woo wes with sr-007 and senns he90,but not sr009.

the sr009s sound descent out of the cavalli stat amp,however,the stax lambdas synergize better to these ears.

ok the lcd-3s!

at canjam,i thought it was a 15% improvement over my lcd2s. at this meet,i was able to listen to lcd3s with my own source/amp and music.

i am happy to report,that after hearing it again,i raise my rating to 20-25% better sound quality! these phones flat out rock!!

my only issue is i have a fat head,and the lcd3s if not possitioned in the perfect spot attop my noggin,will roll the cups forward !

i am on the fence,on getting these! decisions decisions? they sound so good though!

ok last but least!

jh3a/jh16 combo!wow this combo is the best i have heard out of iems!

none of the best portable amps out there can touch this with a 10ft pole!

the jh3a/jh16 was stunning,and worth my long drive from massachusetts to experience this.



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There you are!  I had to great time at this years NYC area meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains.  Thanks to all who organized it and it was nice meeting and remeeting everyone.  Looking forward to the next meet. 

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Had a great time at my first meet. A few of my highlights were trying out the LCD 2/3s on Vinni's set ups; Kerry's Blue Hawaii with the Stax 009; the Beyer T1s and Senn HD800s on the Woo set up; and finally the HE-500s at the HiFiMAN table. If I were to make a bet at what I'd be looking at next in terms of headphone buys I'd have to say the HE-500s or LCD-2s hit the spot in terms of price/performance. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to sample the the HE-500s on my system(s). I brought the La Figaro 332C and Cavalli Compact Tube Hybrid. Overall, it was a great experience and I can't wait for the NY spring meet.

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This was my first NY meet (I've been to a couple of NNJ meets) and the best I've been to so far.  The location was perfect for me, only a 40 minute

easy drive.


As with the NNJ meetings, my wallet curses all of you but my ears and heart rejoice.


Thanks a ton to the organizers and those who donated (my daughter will love the HD585 phones I got her for Hanukah, but ssshhhhhh, it's a secret and part

of my long term plan to get her off of the white earbuds and mp3s and on to really musical phones and lossless music.........progress is being made and I

even got her to come to the last NNJ meet with me).


On to the meet:  I really enjoyed talking to a lot of you and it is a treat to converse with so many folks who love music (!), who know good sound and have such a wide understanding of not just phones and amps but their synergies.  It is impossible to not come home both amped and inspired.


I spent more time at this meet than any other in the past and, for the first time, actually brought a rig with me.  I can't vouch for the DAC quality of the 

iPure i-20 (in fact, I had never even listened to it before the show) source I used with the SRM-T1S but I think it wasn't so far down the food chain that it wasn't

still enjoyable, even if clearly not the equal of my Wadia 27ix at home--way too heavy to carry).  For this meet, I also put music on my iPod touch for the first time ever, and spent time over 3 days putting 15GB of my favorite cuts on it (think I'll keep it for use in the car).


I also spent a lot of time actually listening seriously to certain rigs/combos of particular interest.  Thanks to Shridar3 for great conversation as well as the

usurpation of his rig to compare his 009 with my 404LE on the cavalli.  I got a really good sense of the 009 capabilities vs. my 404LE and both were

really enjoyable across the board, though the 009 were clearly superior.  Very nice rig.


I then compared my 404LE with Tmoney's 009 on his SRM-T1 and here the 009 were clearly under-served by the amp, sounding very smooth but quite

distant.  There was a really lack of impact with the T1 amp.  Lesson learned was that if I want to upgrade from 404LE/T1S, I won't be happy with 009/T1S combo.


On to the Woo electrostatic with 009, again comparing with my 404LE.  Now the 009 show some incredible detail but I don't hear any brightness that some

have attributed to the 009 (interesting, but I've only heard the 009s now with tube amps).  A real treat was when I compared the two phones with 

Allison Krauss' studio version of 'Down to the River to Pray.'  The increased detail of the 009 is apparent from the start when Krauss is singing

solo without instrumentation, and there was a clear loss of detail and information when I switch to the 404LE.  As the song continued, my jaw

started to drop as more voices join in on the choruses, until the last verse when the full complement of  background singers join in.  With the 404LE,

the chorus sounded fine with a spread of about 150 degrees in front of me, but with the 009 they spread out 180 degrees and individual chorus

voices were all around...........stunning!  So impressive in fact I ran over to Tmoney and dragged him over to do the same comparison.  Woo + 009

sounded fine to me, though the Allison Krauss was the only music I knew on their little note book server.


I heard the 009 and the O2 on Kerry's Blue Hawaii and I was blown away by the O2 and then even further by the 009.  The line was so long (justifiably)

that I only listened a short while but that is a magical amp with both of those phones, with an even broader spatial presentation on the 009.

I am partial to a large soundstage and separation of instruments (more so than I am to some small frequency related anomalies as long as it is not

too much brightness which again I did not hear with the 009) and darned if my heart and ears didn't start to hear a siren argument for the the 009 as my

end-game phones (down to the river to pray, indeed).  Since I have a BHSE on order from Justin, I may have to make plans for next year's indulgence (this year's has already sailed).  So, I'll have a 404LE with BHSE hopefully in the next 6 months and an SRM-T1S for sale shortly after the BHSE

shows up.


Other really nice rigs I enjoyed included Ari's setup with the Ghost amp, Kris' rig with alpha-DAC, and Vinnie's setup, though I somehow managed to

not spend anywhere near enough time on the latter.  


Again, it was a pleasure meeting and talking to you all.  I'm actually getting to know some of you by name, face and rig!




Marty (aka cat6man)



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Originally Posted by vpivinylspinner View Post

Another great NY meet.  Good to see everyone again.



Some other Stax Mafia tools were present as well.






Looks like I've been formerly inducted into the Stax Mafia beyersmile.png

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Too bad I couldn't make this one, looks like you guys had loads of fun (and I really want to hear the 009s!). Hope to see you all in the Spring.
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Thanks to the Organizers, Manufactures and all who attended!

This was my first Head-Fi meet and I look forward to many more.


Woo Audio and HiFiMan.JPG







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Looks like a good time was had by all. I was due to go but caught flu at the last moment. I'm most disappointed I didn't get to hear the EF6 amp and JH3A iems.


Any detailed reports on what people thought on the difference between the jump between EF5 to EF6? The big difference in size and price make me think it should be an enormous improvement?


And exactly how much better do JH16s sound with the 3A amp?


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Originally Posted by 1974 View Post

Looks like a good time was had by all. I was due to go but caught flu at the last moment. I'm most disappointed I didn't get to hear the EF6 amp and JH3A iems.


Any detailed reports on what people thought on the difference between the jump between EF5 to EF6? The big difference in size and price make me think it should be an enormous improvement?


And exactly how much better do JH16s sound with the 3A amp?


someone(i don't know his head-fi id, i'm sorry) told me he had the EF5 and he got another $3000 amp, he thought there was no difference, but when he listened to the EF6, he was surprised by the huge step-up. He brought his own rig(laptop and qb9) to our table and tried it on the ef6, and he also tried on a RWA amp, he told me he is gonna buy the EF6. Hopefully he can post some impressions later.


Oh by the way, he is the guy talking to Alex in this pic.


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@1974 - i heard the jh-16 without the jh-3a and they sounded great (i have the jh13).  with the jh-3a, they sounded almost perfect - holographic, three dimensional - sound completely pure.  amazing actually - incredible difference between the non-jh-3a and the jh-3a versions.  if this was a truly portable set up, rather than one really best for a laptop or a home situation, i would really be jumping all over this one.  i still might!

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