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NY Area Meet, November 12, 2011 Impression Thread  

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Great showing today.  Pictures to come shortly.


Thanks to all the vendors that showed up and all the vendors/individuals who contributed to the auction.





























































































































































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Thank you to everyone who organized and came to this meet!  I had a LOT of fun and found all the setups to be great.  A lot more photographers today too, so I look forward to lots of great pictures!  Thank you also.


A highlight: I kept coming back to listen to the Red Wine Audio setups as they were the most enjoyable to listen to for me.  So natural, organic, clear and unhindered--seriously amazing.  Thanks to the magician Vinnie!


Also the JH-3A... WOW.  The isolation helped me appreciate how perfect this amp/IEM combo was.  Simply fantastic!

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So much fun. I was actually disappointed with most of the headphones there (CERTIFIED BASSHEAD), but the you all were so kind that it didn't matter. I'm happy I got to hear the headphones I was interested in, including the elusive Audeze series. Even though my friend and I were the youngest, you all let us handle your equipment without question. That, I appreciate, you're all awesome.


My top 3 were


1. Audeze (IT'S PRONOUNCED AWED-IZZI!) LCD-3 hooked up to a RWA Audeze edition

2. JH-16 pro hooked up to the JH3-a (OMG, exceded my expectationed by so much. The audiologist there was sooooooo nice.)

3. Audeze LCD-2 hooked up to another RWA amp.



Afterwards I went to toys-r-us to pick up some kid's b-day present and MW3, mickey d's for a burger n' a soda, and then home to kick back and own some n00bz.


Can't wait for the next meet guys (and gals), take care until then.

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Thanks everyone for another great meet.   My favorites match SkinnyPuppy's - the Red Wine Audeze LCD2/3 combinations were sensational.  I don't know how Vinnie does it - a year or two ago he really nailed it with his Isabella (?) and Decur's R-10 combination as well.  


I was also very impressed with the JH-3A/JH16 combination, though I felt kinda dumb thinking for some reason, going in, of the JH-3A as a portable system.   Even the JH16 with universal tips sans JH-3A sounded great this go-around - last year, they didn't impress me as much (I own the JH-13).   Good thing I had Doug around to keep reminding me, "do you really want to spend that kind of money, do you really want to buy it, will you really be using it ..."  That said, I still had Beth Orliss do impressions for me - she did them the last time for the JH-13s, and told her I'd try to decide by New Year's if I'm going to bite the bullet :)  Decur had impressions made as well, and like me, didn't bite the bullet - yet.   Holographic/three dimensional/pure are the best words I can use to describe the JH-16/JH-3A combination.  No overwhelming bass and the highs were nice and smooth (I know a couple of folks thought they sounded a little trebly). The question is, if being used at home, then why IEMs?  And if being used on the road, say, with a laptop, well, that's a heckuva chunk of change that I'd hate to lose.   Tough call.


I finally had the chance to try out the SR-009 - all three of them at the meet, and what a difference the system makes.  I was a bit disappointed with the SR-009, Woo WES combination - much preferred the SR-007s with the WES - the highs on the SR-009 were just too much for my taste with the WES - for me, at least, not easy to listen too long with them.   On the other hand, the SR-009 with the Cavalli amp proto-type and Cary Xciter DAC combination sounded great - much less peaky, very musical (for an electrostat).  Just a very nice set-up.  I can't recall the amp used with the third SR-009.  It was a bit noisy in the room, so I didn't get much of a chance to a get a good listen to it, but it was easier to listen to, for me, again, than with the Woo.


I just saw that the BHSE was at the meet - dunno how I missed it - darn, if that is THE rig for the SR-009, I'll have to wait until the next meet (hopefully) to find out.


I have to say that the Woo WA6SE/Audeze LCD3 combination though was just magical.  Smooth and very, very nice - although I'm not sure I'm a closed phone kind of guy - the phones are comfortable (the Audeze were new to me, as I had never heard the LCD2 before), but after a while, the leather makes my ears sweaty just a little bit.  Still, if I were to go closed, I would definitely consider them.


The best part of these meets, though, are the people, and it was great seeing everyone.  Great chat/discusson with Vcoheda and Wavoman about magic dust and cables and balanced vs. unbalanced.   Doug is always great to see, it was very nice meeting Decur, and of course, chatting with Tom (Bozebuttons) about all the great buys he's made over the years (I'm totally green with envy).   Also, nice talking with Vinnie and Jack, as always.   


Thanks again to the organizers - these meets - needless to say - are always great!   Glad I was able to spend pretty much the whole day there - and the time flew by like a rocket! 

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as always, the meet was a lot of fun. a big thanks to all the participants, and especially to erikzen for organizing & making it happen, to all the folks who brought their gear to show, to the mots, and to all those who so generously donated to the meet. in addition to the usual suspects we were fortunate to have audiologist Dr. Beth Orliss demoing various JH Audio products (JH10X3, JH11, JH13, JH16, JH3a) & she was quite generous in offering her services to make ear impressions at no charge asking only that folks kick in a donation for the room.


there was a lot of buzz over the multiple stax sr009 rigs (powered by woo, cavalli, diy kgss se), the new audeze (pronounced a lot like 'odyssey' ) lcd3, and the jh3a. of course there were a bunch of other interesting set ups with stax, lcd2s, various hifiman products, various beyer dynamics (including a manufacturer display - why don't we ever get sennheiser and akg to join us?), some sennheisers, grados, akgs, denons, audio technicas, fostex, and an assortment of electronics including some nice tasty home built products. red wine had some cool amps & amp/dacs running lcd2s & 3s, and they have a complete travel system with a hard travel case that has wheels and a handle that looks like a hard carry on suitcase. unfortunately i didn't have time to listen to the beyer display nor did i get to the woo set ups. that's real disappointing as he always has some sweet sounding set ups and they are just lovely to look at!

as nice as the planars are, the 009s can dig out musical details like no other, and it is not done a sterile fashion. they're musical, but not warm and fuzzy. i need to hear them in other systems but the orthos may have a fuller bodied sound than the stax. at least they did in a system that had the stax powered by a cavali ss amp, and the recabled he6 & recabled lcd3 run off of a schitt lyr- i'm not sure what the source was.


afterwards a dozen of us headed over to the local diner for some chow & chat. this year i didn't stick around for the after dinner drinks. nonetheless the camaraderie makes these gatherings a great time. i look forward to the next one.

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Just returned home from (my first) the meet. Very nicely organized and attended. I was able to listen to all of those products I was hoping to and never had an opportunity. Most impressive was the Stax 009 with Woo amp (not surprising). Was also impressed by the Sennheiser 800 which I finally was able to audition....not as tipped to the highend as I read about and sufficient bottom end with Woo, tube amplification. Beyer T1 was very detailed and sweet but missing warmth for me (they need to display with better source electronics). Scores of other impressive products. Quick listen to LCD-3 sounded very smooth.  Lucky, not much to spend money on, but the Senn 800 may be my next stop. Thanks to all the contributors/organizers.



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Very nice. Looks like you'll had a ball

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Another great NY meet.  Good to see everyone again.


The Stax SR-009 were definitely out in force and seemed to be well enjoyed.










Some other Stax Mafia tools were present as well.





Lots of Aude'ze of every generation.  Alex from Audeze even gave a pair of LCD2s to the Auction.




The JH-3A seemed to be a hit to most people I spoke to.




The Woo Audio table got a lot of traffic.




Nikongod's Silver Ghost and HD-800s were very popular.








Kerry's Blue Hawaii was sounding very good.




Beth was busy all day with people getting impressions for new JH gear.  Superfluous Ear Stuccoing picture for comic relief.






The Center table was just overloaded with great gear.






The Liquid Lightning was paired with SR-009s at the meet.




Other gear sightings











Big Thanks to Erikzen for putting this together while traveling the world and preparing for cub scout sleepovers.

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I got home around 30 minutes ago and overall it was a fun meet. I didn't get to do as much listening as I wanted as I got there a bit late but I like the rigs that I heard. 


The Thunderpants were beautiful and sounded great but don't think I would take them over my Rastapants 2. The LCD-3 while being good I didn't really find it to sound any much better than the LCD-2 and couldn't hear much of a difference between the two albeit in meet conditions. I would gladly take the LCD2 and pocket the rest. The JH16 demo sounded great and I was pretty impressed with them. They sounded much better than I expected and it didn't sound like what I thought they would be which was a bass monster. I've been wanting to try the HD800 and they were absolutely amazing and very well may be my next headphones. There's also other rigs that I can't remember right not now


Overall it was fun and some people got some real nice deals from the auction. Although daveDerek was killing me by raising the prices up but it was all in good fun :)


Lastly the dinner and then the conversation after dinner was great as well. Also thanks erikzen for setting this up, the sponsors as well as everyone who donated something for the auction. There was some real nice things up in the auction.

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If anyone has the picture of me with the beige hat and the Audio Technica Grandioso please PM me it! :)

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Someone definitely took a pic of me with a silly face. If you have it please PM it to me :)

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Thanks to everyone for coming out, vendors and members alike. Sorry I had to leave early, couldn't say a proper goodbye to everyone, and missed out on the apres meet festivities.


I just got back from a cub scout sleepover at the Hall of Science Museum, although there wasn't much sleep involved.  I'll post a few pics and impressions when I get a chance later on.

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meet was a good time. i only listened to a few setups. there were 3 pairs of 009s and multiple LCD3s.


Stax 009. i listened to the 009 paired with the Woo transport/DAC and WES. i found this combination to be a bit forward/aggressive and ultimately too bright. fatigue would be an issue. by contrast the 007 mk2 was better suited for these components. switching between the two Stax headphones, you immediately noticed the much smaller sound stage of the 007 and the enhanced clarity of the 009. by contrast the 007 seemed dark and at times muffled. the next rig i tried the 009 with was the Cavalli Lightning, a solid state stat amp. this was paired with a Cary Exciter DAC. this combination sounded better than the Woo. the sound stage seemed smaller on the Cavalli amp but the clarity was there and there was little aggressiveness to the sound. however, the volume output was very low and hampered the listening experience. i next tried the 009 with a Stax amp (T1 i believe) and Buffalo DAC. this setup, costing much less than the others, was also the better sounding. the sound of the 009, at last, was non fatiguing. it was natural and organic. the music lacked digital harshness. i spent a good deal of time here shuffling through music from jazz to classical to rock. everything sounded great. i had a very positive impression of the 009 but it was not until i paired it with a BHSE (Kerry built) and Opus DAC that the headphone really elevated. the sound from this setup was definitely end game. with the BHSE, all of the positive attributes of the 009 increased and all of the negative ones decreased -- very impressive.


LCD3. i spent some time listening to the LCD3 on my own set up (Sony XA5400ES and HeadRoom Balanced Home). my first impression was that the headphone sounded very similar to the LCD2. the environment was noisy at times and i didn't have a LCD2 to compare with, but i'm not sure what all the excitement is here. i think the LCD2 is a great headphone (i used it almost daily) but it was hard to tell if the LCD3 is much better.


RWA Corvina. another setup that grabbed my attention was the RWA Corvina with balanced output. this is an amp only version of the RWA Isabellina. it was an absolute perfect match with the LCD2. it's up there with the best i have heard this headphone. if you have an LCD2, this is definitely an amp to strongly consider.


huge thanks to ERIK who arranged the meet and to the vendors who donated generously to the auction. it was nice chatting with everyone.



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What is there to say?  This meet was an audiophile's dream!  Everything you heard about, but never heard, was present.  It was utterly amazing!




The first stop was of course to the BD booth.  Had great conversations with the representatives and they had a great display of their products.  Actually, had a first listen to the DT880s, and I can see why they are such a favorite around the forums.  The Beyerdynamic t5p sounded amazing.  Hooked it directly up to an SGS.  It had excellent detail, staging, imaging, bass and mids.  It is an extremely well balanced can, with more than enough volume directly from a source dap.  The t70p is quality model replacement of the DT770.  The imaging and detail is the most noticeable improvement.  It also has Beyer shimmer.  However, it still retains the liquidity that Beyer is known for.  There was an issue with one track.  The  female vocal had, what I can only describe as, sizzle.  I listened to another track and it went away, but I haven't heard that before with other gear.  I wonder if the t70p is that revealing?


Next visit was Woo Audio.  From right to left, it was nothing but an amazing representation!  The LCD-3's were SO comfy!  The sound produced with the WA6SE was nothing short of a languish experience.  For some reason, I wasn't able to formulate a comparison, in my mind, with the LCD-2.  I think I was enjoying the music too much and not trying to be critical.  It is absolutely amazing how you can focus on sound and the whole world around you seems to disappear.  As I moved over towards the left, the STAX and Woo setup invited a listen.  It did indeed become the pinnacle of perception.  The layout and the sound combined for an extremely impressive experience.  I think that is one of the difficult things about these meets.  You try to be critical, but after a few moments you are captured by the sound and you find yourself just enjoying the music, instead of comparing or evaluating.


Of course, I had to stop by Ari's rig and give another listen.  I do believe that he has captured the best sound possible out of the HD-800s, and perhaps some of us who now want them, from the comments above, can give credence to that setup and the music it produces.  An amazing custom built (from the grounds up mind you) amp.


Checking out the JH section and meeting Beth, was a rewarding experience.  BTW Beth was the only one who noticed my shirt. biggrin.gif  I cannot thank her enough for what she did.  Free impressions, who does that?  She was a pleasure to converse with and I ended up buying a pair of JH16s.


We moved on to the cheesecake factory.... two hours later, with more interest in the power cable auction, we returned to the meet.  wink.gif


Had my first experience with a high end Audio Technica headphone.  The W1000X.   As another commented to me about her experience, the can was extremely light and comfortable.  This aspect can indeed be a critical part of a headphone.  Comfort and sound go hand in hand.  How can you enjoy music when you feel as though a 10 lb weight is bearing down on your skull.


The meet then turned out to be less about gear and more about people.  It is what makes these meets most rewarding.  Had an excellent conversation with Jack from Woo.  It seems that he has quite an interest in PCs.   They had an amazing micro-atx pc, with a small touch screen, that was used as a media source.  I wonder if there is a future for Woo in this area.  What I wouldn't give for an all aluminum PC enclosure designed by Woo Audio.  Watch out Lian-Li!!  We had a great discussion of all things nerdy, for a short time, and then discussed everything from the Sony R10 to the Woo transport.  


  I apologize, but I did not want to spell your name incorrectly.  Another partner of this conversation was with the gentleman who brought the prototype Cavalli amp and the STAX.  As we were having great conversations, we walked on over to that section.  It is difficult to do an A/B comparison vs the Woo Stax SR-009 setup, because both were so darn enjoyable that I forgot to even try!  The HE-6 prototypes were even on hand.  Listened to a little of those and a little of production recabled HE-6s going through a Lyr.  We had a short, but amazing conversation about the HE-6 vs the LCD-2.  This is one of those seemingly innocuous conversations about audio that is essentially the heart and soul of our pursuit.  Our perception of soundstage comparisons were completely different on the two cans.  We both wholly believe that the opposite headphone has more soundstage than the other.  This goes to show how you can't let the opinions of others sway your experience.  The sound we all hear is a completely unique instance, and there is NOTHING wrong with that!  It provides avenues for great debate and passions to arise and be discussed in a friendly and engaging matter.


So time was wrapping up and it was a sad moment.  I didn't even have time to experience anything on the now legendary center table.  But I was able to walk out with several of the inhabitants and have a short conversation.


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the after hours, as I have an engagement to attend today, but overall I would say this was a tremendous experience.  Kudos to all involved.

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Ah, so it was you who had the cheesecake factory bags. You went back in same time I arrived.


Didn't get to hear that much, next meet though I am going to spend all day A/Bing components.

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