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How much did your ICs cost compared to your source?

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I think it would be interesting to see just how much people spend on interconnects, so please estimate what percentage of the source cost ypu spent on interconnects.

Example: CDP cost $1000, ICs cost $300. Input 30%.

Please post your Source/IC combo after voting.

EDIT: My CDP cost ~$410 (Marantz CD6000OSE) and my ICs cost ~$40 (Audioquest Sidewinder). I wasn't even going to buy any ICs since I got some with the CDP (generic black ones). But I figured what the hell and I splurged, dunno if they really make a difference. But they look fancy.
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Lets see, Audiophile 2496 + MSB Link DAC II = 370$...

RS 20$ gold series interconnects (12 foot too)...

5%, heh
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Using home-cook solid silver interconnets. Cost very little but great performance.
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Source - Toshiba SD-4205 DVD/CD Player $399
Cables - MIT Terminator 2 - $99 for 15'

Rating - Very good
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Audiophile 2496 + MSB Link DAC w/ Dan Wright mods = $650
RS Gold cables = $20
So about ... oops, no wait, almost forgot...
Clou Red Jaspis cables = $120
So about 20%.
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System 1: Denon DCM-360 / Radio Shack gold series ($140/$8.99)
System 2: Hercules Game Theater XP / Radio Shack gold series (To my Midilands) ($150/$8.99)
System 3 (Currently defunct): Panasonic SL-SX510 to DIY amp (DIY cable with Cardas wire) ($125/$70).
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The standard rule is that spend 10% of your budget or system cost on your cables, but some people treat cable/interconnector as part of a component. So they spend roughly the same on their amp/CD player as on their interconnector.

Personally, I spend as much as I can afford, my CD player cost around $750 and the interconnector for it cost $320 (42%). it might seem a lot but I have tried a few other ones and they don't have the detail and warmth the Van Del Hul The First has.

This cable is totaly unique, uses carbon as a conductor so the sound is very natural and has no harshness. There is no metal at all so the sound is unlike any other cable I've tried. The VDH D102MK3 has some of the characteristic but it's not as lively as the First.
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Source: NAD c541 ($350)
ICs: Nordost Solarwinds ($100)

I was very close to getting the Nordost Red Dawn ($350), which would have made my percentage 100!!!

Regards - reynman
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Kimber Kable PBJ

Source is a combination of Rega Planet (previous Century version), Hosa digital cable (cheap stuff), MSB Tech Link DAC III w/upsampling and HDCD options. (Sidenote: probably the next thing I upgrade in that portion of the setup is an upgrade power supply for the DAC, either the MSB Tech Power Base 1000, or the other one, forget the name, Monolithic?)

Headphone and amp == Audio Valve RKV Mk II (v. 2), Sennheiser HD600 (next upgrade is the Clou Cable blue (is there really a difference between the blue and the red? I understand that there is a difference between standard and one of them, I just wasn't sure it was worth going all the way).

Cables currently are Kimber Kable PBJ's, but thinking of upgrading to DHLabs (silver-coated copper). Have used the following in the past: StraightWire, Audio Magic, Ixos, and AudioQuest. Haven't really found smoothness perfection yet...

PS I'm kinda new here, Hi!
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50%. But I lucked out and got a demo unit for dirt cheap.
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I definitely treat the interconnnect between my source and amp as a component in its own right. Consequently, I use the (horribly) expensive Kimber Select KS-1030 between my Krell CD player and my STAX/McCormack amps (just the one cable - I swap it between the two amps; I can only afford one). The Kimber is 30% the price of my Krell.

The cable IS very expensive, but it sounds beautiful, and I know that it (probably) won't be the limiting factor in my system, no matter what components I may use it with.
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Denon DCM-370 CDP - $299
Tara Labs. RSC Primes - $179

Approx. 60%
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Marantz CD6000OSE about 400USD van den Hull D102III about 50 USD and I should say it really made a difference in my system.
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Marantz 63 Ki Signature cd player (the one the yanks dont get)
£400 odd english money, it was £500.00 at launch.

Kimber PBJ Cd Interconnect £65.00 (I think, its been a while!)

I also tried (and bought, but then relegated to other equipment!)

Cable talk Monitor 2 £50.00 Now links tv to amp!
VDH d102 III £70.00 Now links DVD to amp!!

so there you go!!
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