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DAC with Optical in for < $100

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Ok, I searched and all of the threads I found were pretty old, so don't bite if I missed one.


I want to set up Apple TVs in all my rooms, both with and without TVs so I can share audio everywhere.  Apple TV only has HDMI and optical out, so I need to be able to convert to analog for some rooms (vintage receiver, table top radio, etc.)  Are there good quality DACs under $100, or should I just get a bunch of Fiio D3's and upgrade piecemeal later?

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Guess too many noobs ask this question.

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You're not alone. I'm looking for one too, and didn't feel like spending hours sifting through years-old threads with thousands of replies. Maybe someone will eventually respond to our threads, or a hero will make a list of these with features and prices listed on a grid to be stickied. Maybe a Google doc with some filters? A guy can dream...
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If you are using a PC, I recommend Creative's Sound Blaster HD premium USB, it is selling on Amazon for 85.99. 

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No, I need optical in, not USB in - that's the problem.  Seems to be a huge gap between the very cheap - Gefen and D3, then the next price point seems to be $199 for the Maverick.


EDIT: Is this the one?




The reviews on creative.com seem to imply it can be used standalone.

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I don't think it is a stand alone device but I can't be sure. I cannot really recommend the D3 but you should still give it a shot over the Gefen since FiiO products typically give you great price/performance ratios. 

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Thanks - it sure looks like optical DACs are either $50 and under or $200 and up.  I might just get a Maverick to try it out in my office since it has so many other features.

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Technolink makes a fairly well regarded model for $100 (TC-7510 - also sold under the Beresford name). Better than the FiiO to be sure. I use this as a basic DAC for coax/optical usage at home - very transparent.



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Thanks - that looks pretty good.

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