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External Soundcard advice?

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So I'm running a pair of HD650's through my Little Dot Mk III, which is plugged straight in to my macbook.


I'm looking at improving the weakest link in my system over Christmas, and I'm assuming at the moment, this is the soundcard in my macbook (it's NOT a macbook pro).


As well as this, the 3.5mm female headphone jack on my macbook is almost completely ruined. I have to sit the cable underneath the laptop otherwise the connection is intermittent because (I'm assuming) the female socket has become worn over the years.


So essentially, I'm looking for an external sound card that will plug in to my macbook via USB and give me an improved output from that of the internal one, but mostly, it's just so I have a reliable connection between the two.


I don't need a card with any recording stuff on it, don't need MIDI inputs or anything else, I literally just need something that will plug in to the USB port, and give me a 3.5mm female socket to plug the amp in to, without decreasing quality.


Everything I've found has about a million functions I'll never use. 


I've got a budget of ~£100-£200. Can anyone suggest anything?

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I use the Creative X-fi USB HD Sound card which is way more clearer then the non HD version well worth it. Just waiting for my Neco Amp to arrive as I can only compare the cards on my sherwood RX-2010 but there is a lot more clarity in the sound already

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I was looking at that.


Now complete n00b question here, the inbuilt amp in the X-fi (or any other similar device for that matter) isn't going to interfere with my Little Dot Mk III is it?


Otherwise something like that looks absolutely ideal. As slim, small, slender and stylish as that would be awesome too, and that's well under budget.

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No I just use the RCA output to the amp but its handy if you need more then 1 device because I plug my xbox into the optical input on it

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Oh awesome. In that case, it's definitely one I'll consider.


You wouldn't know any others similar to this one would you? Not asking for endorsements or recommendations necessarily, just products which I can then research.

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Actually, thinking about it ... 


A DAC might be a more sensible option for me, no?


Looking at the Apogee Duet 2. It's got features I don't need, but it's damn sexy and it will do everything I need it to ... 

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Ok, so I went for the Apogee Duet 2.


Currently running that, then the Little Dot through the Duet 2, and the HD650's through that.


I have achieved new pinnacles today, new climaxes ... I have eargasmed like never before.


What's even better is that I'm going to be on the road in the US as of a few months, and my Little Dot is set up for UK voltage. The Duet 2 seems sufficiently powerful that it'll run the 650's adequately on its own too, and it's slender enough that it won't be cumbersome and it obviously runs off USB if you're just using it as a DAC/Amp.

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