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K701's are too small?

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I hear the K701's aren't for people with larger heads, so if I buy them and they're too small, are there any mods I can do to change that?
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Not really. The only idea I have is to use K601 pads. I never heard of anyone having problems with a large head.

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Do you have the chance to try before buying? 

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Originally Posted by ende View Post

I hear the K701's aren't for people with larger heads

I'm curious where you heard that - 


Because I have the 702's, essentially the same headphone, and it seems to me that they could fit

just about any head size comfortably.


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Honestly , I think that a large head size is better for the K701s, they're gigantic headphones.

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I've heard a few comments over here and in some reviews, so that made me kind of confused, but I guess I could always return them if they're too big.

Mmm, I guess I'll just have to see then, high hopes it'll for just fine though seeing they ARE pretty big in pictures.

Thanks everyone!
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Same here, we all have different noggins but I would have to say that the AKG K-series

is a contender for ~ one size fits all.

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I will agree with what's been said here that the K70X heaphones are large but fit pretty well on most head sizes.

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I think that the K7--, with its self-adjusting headband, is plenty big enough for most users. If your head is too large, however, some report that the feeling of pressure can be a real annoyance.


That's why there's an easy fix for most users. Wear the K7-- forward; that eliminates nearly all pressure, without sacrificing a bit of sound quality. 

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They fit big heads.

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sounds like the op might have a stewie griffin size head if worried about the k701's being too small.
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They aren't for big heads because they'll have a tight fit. They're huge though. The ear cups covers my girlfriend's face and front part of her head completely

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Think of it like this, if the K701/2s don't fit you, at least you broke the Guiness world record for having the biggest head in the world.

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Too small? are you kidding?

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