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Replacement Beats different to originals?

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I recently sent my Beats Studio to Amazon for replacement. The strange thing is that the replacement ones are slightly different to the original ones I got. The bass is definitely weaker. On the originals on certain songs the headphones would shake and the bass could be felt on your neck. This does not happen to nearly the same extent on the new ones. They are also considerably tighter on my head than the originals. Another difference is the absence of a sticker on the inside of the headband with a serial number on it. They're replacements from Amazon so they're genuine.



Is it just a case of a different batch having a slightly different sound or is there something up?

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You can always blame break in being responsible for having a weak bass. The comfort thing is well... headphones are known to adjust to your head whether they're meant to do so or not. The serial number I might be seriously concerned about.


If you find that the bass doesn't improve over time I would consider it a fake (I honestly don't know if Beats improve with break in or not at all but it's the only reason I can think of that might explain this).


It's unlikely that every batch would have a different sound signature since it's a manufactured product. Also, given that it's manufactured product, there will be lemons, maybe you got a lemon. If you don't care and don't mind waiting, just asking them to send a replacement anyways.

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Ya I have 30 days with Amazon so I'll see how it goes. The serial number inside the cover registered OK so I'm pretty sure they're real.



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Could someone with the Studios do me a favour?


Plug in the headphones but don't turn them on... then turn up the volume to the max and see if you can here a very small bit of sound get through?


I don't know is this normal or not.

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