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1. Place or country? Wisconsin, USA.


2. Age? 19.


3. Gender? Male.


4. Job? Psychology/German student.


5. Extra hobbies? Technology and language. :P

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1. Place or country?

Sydney, Australia. (← the place where hobbies die)


2. Age

turning 19..birthday presents, anyone? :DD


3. Gender?



4. Job?

Actuarial/Finance/Adv Maths undergrad. Private HSC tutor in spare time

(or should it be the other way around, since I spend more time teaching than college ..)


5. Extra hobbies?

Piano (just picked up), Starcraft, Kewbing :3, Minesweeping and many many more weird hobbies

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an interesting film exploring this very idea, it's one of my personal favorites :D

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Sure, here you go. Your wish is my command. You never age, and you are only 25. In a few decades, all your loved ones will die one by one before your eyes, and you can't do anything about it. They age and you don't. After a while, knowing that you outlived all of them, you have trouble finding new relationships or friendships. And time goes by, you have tried everything in this world. Generations after generations, due to the increase of genetic mutations (copying errors) the human genome becomes unsustainable and everyone else has died, but not you. By yourself, you think "Did I find true happiness?".

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1. Place or country?

United States of America


2. Age



3. Gender?



4. Job?

Running 2 websites (not really a job but I love reviewing audio and iDevice related gadgets).


5. Extra hobbies?

Currently loving my HD650's (Have a HE-500 coming soon), collecting tube amps, DAC's, having fun with friends, and riding quads and dirt bikes. Lastly, the biggest 16 year old cryptozoologist you will ever see.

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Location:  Vancouver, Washington, although I'm leaving for Navy basic training in February, which is in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Age:  26

Sex:  male

Job:  the United States Navy.  Waiting to leave for basic training.  My official job title will be CTI (Cryptologic Technician-Interpretive).  After basic training I'm headed to Monterey, CA to learn a language.

Extra hobbies:  firearms, technical outerwear

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