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Hello all,

I'm considering upgrading my turntable headphone listening method.  Let me start my listing my current setup.


VPI Scoutmaster

Dynavector 17D3 Cartridge

Dynavector P-75 Preamp

Outlaw Audio 2150 Receiver

Grado RS2i

*Focal Audio Floorstanding speakers* not important in this thread.


I've been wanting to upgrade to a dedicated headphone amp to fully embrace my setup and I am just curious between the Woo Audio 6E vs the LD MK IV SE.  The price difference between the two is almost double and I have noway to accurately do a fullblown listening test before I make the plunge. 


I've read in existing threads that some people prefer the LD over the WA 6 with Grado RS2s. 


Regardless, can I expect a drastic improvement in my listening experiance with either of these amps as compared to my Outlaw Audio Receiver?


Any inputs or guidance is greatly appreciated.