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recommended amp/ dec for Denon D2000

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I'm using a Macbook Pro 2011 with my new Denon AH D2000 and sometimes with my iPhone 4S. I am satisfied with the sound quality, but I've heard that a good dac can unleash the potential of the D2000's.
I've did some research in the forum and some say that an E7/E9 combo is good value?
others say a Nuforce HDP is the best choice.
I listen to rock, brit-pop, alternative, indie, recently started to listen to electronics. I'm wondering which dac/amp should I get to drive the D2000 well?


BTW, my budget limit is under $300



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same problem here. any suggestion for an AMP / DAC for my D2000 along with the ones mentioned above??

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You can also look at Audio gd's products. Most of their product are designed for Denon's headphones.

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NuForce HDP is good. If you have a slightly larger budget, Burson HA-160D might be a good DAC + Amp...

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What about the Ibasso D2?

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Im in the same boat, Denon D2000 and i use an iPhone/iPod/PC.


Has anybody used the Total Bithead?

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I have the d2000s and use the nuforce udac 2 with good results. Also use a cmoy penguin and a mirindy tube amp. I think the cmoy offers the best dynamics, the udac the best clarity, and the tube amp some nice warmth. I use the udac the most. I wouls travel with the cmoy more, bthe TSA always gives me hell.

Having a fiio e11 delivered this week for my more portable rig. Will give that a go with tje dwnoms.
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Hey Orbilius


Let us know how the Fiio goes, i was wondering whether the E11 or E7 is better (and more portable).





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I'd suggest the Practical Devices XM5. When I had the XM6 (I know it's a different amp, but similar?), I really loved the combo even out of my 3G iPod Touch. I returned the XM6, but now I always feel like something is missing, so I'll likely be re-buying it back. lol.

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I have a pair of D2000s and I've been considering pairing them with the Fiio E11. Has anyone else had experience with this combination? I'm currently using an E5 so I'm sure it can only be an improvement. 

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Hey Clincher.


How do you like the E5?

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It does the job and the combo still sounds pretty good, but I feel like there's alot more potential could unlock through a better amp.

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My 2 Cents:



For my laptop I use the Fiio E10 as a strict DAC, and then a jdm labs CMoyBB to run my d2000's. Sounds just as good to my ears as when its running on some of my much more pricy amps and is decently transportable if need be.

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