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Headphone crackling/popping noise

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My headphones randomly starting making loud crackling sounds. I was just on youtube and as soon as I changed to a video they started doing this and haven't stopped. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the headphones or software...


update: the video is up now, hopefully someone recognizes the problem?


A video of what it sounds like

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Plug them into a new source. Test on your portable MP3 player or Phone.


Very best,

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Just did, VERY happy to say it works fine on my iPod...could it be my sound card?

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Originally Posted by crowKAKAWWW View Post

Just did, VERY happy to say it works fine on my iPod...could it be my sound card?

It's something.


Try changing sound devices in windows control panel. Check settings. If using any weird software, try reinstalling it (like equalizer stuff, control panels for software panels for the sound card, etc). Make sure your output settings match what you should be getting (ie, not playing an AC3 stream through something that cannot even decode it for example, etc).


Your headphones are fine.


Very best,

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Did a system restore to before the problem arose, and also tried different headphones with no luck. The video is up now, anyone have this issue before? The sound happens whenever any audio output would normally happen.

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Watched the video - sounds a little like what I hear when the sample rate is set incorrectly. I'm on linux at the moment, so I can't check, but if you go to start > type sound in the box on the start menu > advanced, then look for the sample rate and check it looks normal. I only mention this because I had a similar problem with my EMU-1212M card on the line-ins (but I never could find a fix beyond rebooting my computer). 

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Hey guys,


Booted up my computer today and my headphones are back to normal- even though I did do several restarts last night...


I'll never understand computers :S



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Hello guys, I have the same problem. My headphones LX-2000 LifeChat windows 7 make a popping/cracking sound especially in low frequencies!! Then it goes away and it comes back randomly haha. :D


How can I fix this?

There's no driver to download from the "official" page? LOL.


PLS explain it to me in noob terms!! Haha. :D


I'd love to get this problem fixed if someone has any idea? THANKS.



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YES!! I have solved it at last. I had a bunch of coins and a metal hand clock next to my desk. I put the coins inside of a wooden shelf since I read it could be magnetic interference due to some metals or magnet like objects. I put the clock also away from my desk and moved my mouse further away and it worked- no magnetic interference, no cracking sound in my headphones at all, 0%. At last! :D Haha. Perhaps coins have more life then we think, or, even, a life of their own. Thanks for reading, I hope this serves some purpose to someone!! :D :D

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Thanks SOOOO much for sharing this post.  Helped me solve my problem with my magnetic interference.  Thanks again :)

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