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For Sale:
Pop Pulse converter! USB/Optical/Coax to Coax/Optical/Balanced/IIS!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all!


I have a Pop Pulse converter for sale. It works great and is in wonderful condition.


Brief description: "USB input (24-48KHz) provides I2S (see below), BNC, optical, coaxial or balanced (XLR) digital output. S/PDIF input (24-96khz) outputs via coaxial, optical, BNC or a balanced (XLR).t. The unit can be powered either by the USB (only USB input is connected), or the 12VDC power supply included with the transport." (Pop Pulse website)


For further information look here:


They do a better job describing it than I do!


The price is $100 shipped in the continental United States. All other places are welcome, but the price will be a bit higher. Just send me a PM and we can work out a price!


My feedback is in my signature and also up by my name in the top left.


If you have any questions please send me a PM and I will respond right away!


Thank you!


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