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For Sale:
Meier Audio Corda Opera! With DAC!

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Hello all!


Up for sale is my Opera with DAC. It is in perfect working order and perfect physical condition, too! I am the third owner.


This unit is wonderful. I have paired many headphones with it, LCD2, T50rp, D7000, D2000, DT990, DT880, HD555, and even Turbines. The sound has been pleasant with all of them. Every headphone I've plugged into it has been sufficiently powered to ear hurting levels, and that's only on low gain. No shortage of power on this beast. A previous owner had successfully driven HE-5LE orthodynamics on it, too! The amp and DAC are dead quiet for the noise floor. 


The DAC is great and has USB (16bit 48kHz) and coaxial input (24bit 96kHz). I've compared this to the NuForce HDP, Schiit Bifrost, and Maverick D1 and have preferred its sound with my DT990 over all of those. 


The amp also features two sets of RCA inputs and has a RCA output for preamp function. Also featured is Meier's crossfeed circuit. This lets some information from the right channel in to the left, and vice versa, so hard panned recordings sound more natural.


The sound of this amp is no longer available. Meier Audio moved to brighter sounding amps, like the Concerto, as an aim to be more analytical, but at the cost of musicality. The amp features balanced ground technology and simulates having a balanced headphone connection.


I am selling this for $725 shipped in the continental United States. It comes with a power cable and usb cable, the original box did not come with the unit when I purchased it. All other places are still eligible, but shipping will be a bit more so send me a PM and we can figure out a price!


If you have any questions, just shoot me a PM and I will promptly respond.


My feedback is in my signature and by my name on the top left. Thank you for looking! 





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