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Do headroom still recable the Beyerdynamic DT880 (2005) for balanced operation?

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Headroom no longer display the balanced DT880 on their website.


If they don't recable the DT880 anymore, does anyone else (reputable) still do it, or do you need to buy them used?


I would contact headroom directly to ask this but I'm in a different country to them and I don't have an outlook email address to email them.

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Just checked their site as well, not listed. I'll email them for you.


Very best,

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Their response:


Many thanks for your email.
I believe we can still gladly recable the 600-Ohm Beyer DT880 to balanced terminations here at HeadRoom for you.
I've forwarded your note to our Manufacturing Manager Mike Olson who will reply to you shortly with exact availability/pricing...
Stay tuned!

Jorge A. Cervera
Sales/Operations Manager
HeadRoom Corporation
2020 Gilkerson Drive
Bozeman Montana USA
1-800-828-8184 USA Toll-Free
1-406-587-9466 International


*Edit: See next post.


Very best,

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More information from another Manager after my email was forwarded:


Absolutely we can still recable a pair of 880's for balanced operation.  Now did you want to buy a brand new pair and have them recabled, or do you own a pair that you would like done?  Also what length of cable were you considering?  We are quite flexible and the price is also determined by the overall length of the cable.  For example a 10ft cable with XLR connectors will run about $300 plus shipping costs.  This price is just for the cable so if you would like this attached to a new headphone, then the price would be $609. 

Now if you currently own a pair of 880's and would like them recabled, we do have a few requirements before sending them in.  First make sure the headphones are in perfect working condition.  Please clean up the headphones as best you can, especially inside the ear cups to remove any debris like hair or dandruff.  Lastly just make sure the stress relief at the base of the headphone is in good condition.  If your headphone arrives and does not pass one of these criteria, we will immediately ship the headphone back to you. 

So please let me know if this will be a new headphone, or your personal headphone to be recabled and I can quote you a more accurate price.  If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 


Mike Olson
Technical Services Manager
HeadRoom Corporation
2020 Gilkerson Dr.
Bozeman, MT  59715
406-587-9466 ext. 104


So apparently yes, you can actually buy them new with balanced cable for $609 from them. Just email this guy and it will be done.


Very best,

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thanks alot!!


That's good news

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