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with Xmas coming up, I'm seeking an upgrade from my low-end Shure set.

Here's the major criteria, let me know if I'm missing anything!

Price range: ~ $500 (lower is better, of course)
Type: IEM

Closed style

Will be used in active settings - at the gym, skateboarding, bicycling, etc.

High sound quality, balanced sound signature - I prefer to hear the recording as accurately as possible rather than accentuate any particular aspect

Media - usually V0 MP3s of skinny white guys that you read about on and new), but I do keep up on new releases across all genres, playing from my Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S)

So far the lead contenders seem to be EarSonics SM3v2, Phonak PFE 232, and Etymotic ER-4P according to the IEM comparison charts I've found.

Any thoughts are appreciated!