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Looking for a Pair of IEM's

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I recently bought a pair of Beyer DT770's as my first pair of headphones and while they are fantastic cans and I have no problem wearing them around school, I need a pair of buds as well. My budget is probably 250 or less and since my music taste is extremely broad I will just say that most of it is bass centric so I need a pair with good lo's.

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Can anyone help?

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The GR07s are a good pair of phones good for pretty much all genres but they don't excel in any particular area. I'm not sure what your tolerance for bass is, but the Atrios will extend extremely low and give you some of the best sub bass, but they do sound darker and may not be suitable for many genres. You should check out this thread if you haven't already, and look at the list of IEMs in the basshead club for some bass heavy 'phones. 

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I will recommend the following IEMs like MTP Copper, MTP Gold, Sennheiser IE8(highly recommended), IE7, UETF10Pro, JVC FXT90(highely recommended), GR07 and HJE900.
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^ pretty much said it all. But I heard Monster quality is horrible.

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I've heard some quality rumbles about Monsters, too...but the Pros have a lifetime warranty, and that's an awfully valuable thing to have.

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