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First ,I want to express our sincere thankfulness to all friends who support this activity. We receive lots of works from all over the world and select 20 pieces of them used for web polling .

The following are the results:


First prize(1 winner):

Works : G(293)  

Name: Ar***p                      Country: Indonesia




Second prize(3 winners)

Works: D(94)   

Name: Jo***m                      Country: Norway




Works: N(65) 

Name:L***s                         Country: Brazil




Works: C (20)     

Name:  M***a                   Country: China




Third Prize(12 winners)


Works: T (17)  

Works: M (14)

Works: I (10)     

Works: R (9) 

Works: J (9)

Works: K (9)

Works: F (8)     

Works: H (8)  

Works: P (4)

Works: S (3)       

Works: A (2)

Works: E (1)


Disqualified (4)


Works: B, L, OQ




All winners will receive a confirmation email  from( ,please Kindly check your email.

The confirmation of winners’ information will be announced at FiiO official website, please check your information carefully. Prizes will be given within one month.

Note: Tax of prizes will be paid by winners themselves. The copyright of all winning works are belong to FiiO. FiiO has the right to make some modifications and reserves the right of final explanation.


Urgent announcement:


Works B, L, O and Q have been approved to use others design elements. According to the competition rules, works B, L, O and Q are not created by the designer themselves, so these will invalidate the qualification for prize-winning.




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It’s very difficult for us to check the originality of all works, because of the limitation of time and conditions. So if you have any doubts, please give us your precious feedbacks within 7days. When designer are approved to be copy others design elements, he or she will be invalidate the qualification for prize-winning. But the vacant awards will not be filled in. E.g If the first winner disqualify, the first winner will be vacant.
As the limited conditions , we hope for all designers and voters’ understanding about the any unfairness and inadequacy.