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For Sale: Bloodwood SR225i (marty)

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For Sale:
Bloodwood SR225i (marty)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for possible sale are my custom bloodwood grados.. They feature beautiful cups, unlike any others I have seen in shape and color.. They were one of the first sets of cups turned out by Marty.


The drivers, headband and cushions are all practically brand new. The driver cloth has been removed from the drivers. Other than that the drivers are pristine. The 225i's were bought on July 18th 2011, so they have been burned in with about 4 months of very steady use.

They come with some custom bloodwood rod tips that look absolutely awesome and the stock 225i cable (a very nice cable, I would actually like to keep it and might be willing to take some money off if you plan on replacing the cable), everything about them is completely modular still, so you can mix and match and take it all apart and put it back together however you would like.. the cloth on the back of the driver has never been tampered with.


They took on a pair of ms pros head to head and won to my ears, I didn't lose any sleep sending the mspros on their way.

I am only getting rid of them, because I'm looking to experiment with some aluminum housings, and I don't have enough room to hold onto every pair of headphones. However, if I can't get the right price for them, I won't hesitate to keep them and wait until winter break to play around with aluminum.


These will come in the original 225i pizza box completely in tact, and I have all of the parts that originally went into the 225i (inner and outer plaster chambers & grille) If you want those, just let me know.. I might have to send them separately in an envelope. I also think I have an extra set of rod locks somewhere.. But, I'm not positive.


Have a nice day :)

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uploaded pictures and fixed some info :)

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Ladies and gentlemen, these have been sold.

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