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Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

I just got it today. Haven't noticed any crashing, And i play on high in 720p on my laptop.


My specs aren't that great either.


4gb ram

intel core i3 370m 2.4ghz

500gb hard drive with windows 7 at 5400rpm

ati radeon hd 5470 at 512mb



I play it on my 27inch monitor. It's pretty sweet.


I was shocked when it said detecting recommended settings and it was set at high. Maybe the developers of this game did a good job in making it less of a resource hog. Loving the game.


It's much better optimized than Oblivion, which only used one core (it was basically a console port from 2005 after all). I expect even after the big texture overhauls come out, it'll still run better. Might be able to stuff it full of 300 mods with minimal crashing biggrin.gif


I just cleared Bleak Falls Barrow on my mage, the dungeon that was in all the gameplay demos. I need to head up to Winterhold and get some new spells, the flamethrower is starting to get dull. 

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Its not a spec problem, running it on a i5-2500k, HD6870, 8gigs of ram.  Running at 1920x1080 on high settings.  The crashing is really irregular and seems to be happening to alot of players.  i.e.  while it seemingly crashed often this morning, I didn't crash again all day and I probably played a good 5 hour straight before stopping.


Its honestly not that bad though since I just set it to autosave every 5 minutes so I never lose too much progress if it crashes.

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I have (had?) the crashing problem as well (laptop w/ i7, gtx460m, 6 gigs ram, running ultra settings).  I got a new monitor today and my graphics card started outputting everything in the red/blue style of 3D.  I turned off stereoscopic 3D in the Nvidia control panel and everything's been running fine since.  Not sure if this is a complete fix since I've only played about 4-5 hours since turning off 3D, but it seems to be working so far.

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Guys try setting your audio to


24bit 48000hz


It solved many peoples issues.

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Read about that sound fix but it did nothing for me. The last time I loaded it up I disabled Steam overlay and it didn't crash but its hard to say whether that did anything or not since its so random.

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Originally Posted by bcasey25raptor View Post

Guys try setting your audio to


24bit 48000hz


It solved many peoples issues.

I mentioned that the last page - it solved my crappy sound problems, but crashes kept happening.  None yet since I disabled 3D, but we'll see if that continues.

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A couple things you can try if you're crashing, I'm just making guesses:

  • Launch the game without the launcher, from the TESV.exe file in the game's directory. That bypasses Steam. Make sure to set your graphics settings first.
  • Try with and without FXAA and regular AA enabled. I don't use FXAA because I get plenty good framerate with 8x AA.
  • Don't overclock.
  • Open SkyrimPrefs.ini in My Documents/My Games/Skyrim and find the line bGamepadEnable. Set it to 0. I think this occasionally caused problems in Oblivion. While you're in there you might want to set bMouseAcceleration to 0 too. You can also play around with some of the other settings, just save what values they were before.
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Skyrim will most def be my next game purchase. meanwhile....



Instant Order Update for James XXX. You purchased this item on August 30, 2010View this order.

Diablo III

by Blizzard Entertainment
Windows Vista / XP, Mac


I keep waiting.




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BTW, if you guys havent signed already, you're welcome to do so: Sign up the petition for a Video Games lounge

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This is all I know from the game.


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^ that is freaking hilarious

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That poor chicken.

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Okay, I literally laughed (well, giggled) while I watched that. Without the slow-mo and the dramatic music it would only be mildly amusing, but the whole effect is hilarious. (I signed the video game proposal already, I think)


Skyrim Sunrise


There's three things I think they really got right in the graphics of Skyrim, more than anything else; the sky, the water and the armor. I don't like the way elves look now, but apparently weird elves is one of the trends of the early 21st century.

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Yeah, I think female elves look especially wonky in this game. When I was creating my character I was a bit taken aback by how the defaults looked old and were all sportin' mohawks.

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Originally Posted by TehJam View Post

This is all I know from the game.


That song would sound amazing as a viking metal song.

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