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For Sale: Custom UM3X. Meant for Remold

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Custom UM3X. Meant for Remold

Will Ship To: conus

These are in great condition UM3x customs that were remolded by Fisher hearing.  Upgraded to JH13's awhile back and haven't listened to them.  Price is meant to be sold fast....check feedback.  Search "Tekerugburn" to see old feedback on the old system.


Will come with JH audio silver iem cables, but these have been oxidized due to sweat.  


Here's the catch, currently out of the country and wont be able to send them till dec. 11.  just posting them up early since im clearing some of my inventory out.

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okay... i have given my paypal info to quite a few people.... first person to pay will get it.... and soon as i receive money i will post here and if for some reason two people have paid.... i will refund the money to the person was paid last.

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payment recieved..... listing is now closed

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