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For Sale:
RE0 For Sale

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my Head-Direct RE0 - I love these but I also own the Etymotic ER4S (which are only slightly better, if at all) and they aren't getting much play time anymore and I need to fund new purchases :).  These were purchased in May 2010, so 1 and 1/2 years old.


I bought these new from Amazon and they are in perfect condition, were always kept protected in a padded Altoids case when not worn.  I have changed the driver filters recently, and will include the remaining pairs as can be seen in the photo.  These probably have a few hundred hours on them, so are fully broken in and they sound great, functionally and cosmetically these are 100%.  For anyone who is super-picky about cosmetic condition:  The Y-splitter on these has a slightly off-color look when examined closely, almost like an oxidized metal effect, but that is actually how they looked from day one so it's a normal thing for these I guess.  And I'll mention these have never been used in the gym or otherwise exposed to water, sweat, etc. - used in the office only.  Absolutely no mods (like removing the cotton baffle in the driver housing) were ever made to these - I liked the stock sound too much to mess with anything`.


These will come with all of the various tips shown in the photo.  The 3 pairs on the left, and the ones next to the RE0 are Sony tips that came from a pair of fontopia earbuds.  The middle 4 pairs are Sony hybrids.  The 5 pairs on the right are what came with the RE0.  Also includes the shirt clip on the cable and the original plastic case.


The tips next to the RE0 are the ones I liked the most for comfort, plus they did not change the sound characteristic, which in my opinion the Sony Hybrids did.  I've never worn most of these other than to try a couple of pairs out, I'll give them all a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol prior to shipping so they're all sanitary.


I'm asking $60 plus Paypal fee (or gifted if you prefer to avoid the fee - my feedback here is solid) and I'll cover shipping in the CONUS.  Please PM with any questions.  Thanks!





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