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What levels of bass are you looking for? 

A really deep but not overwhehlming one

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Anyone here knows where to buy ones double-flange eartips but in size S?

The stock ones are a little big for my ear canal, causes me itching about a half hour of use.

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Have anyone tried the monster ones?

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The largest ones seems to fit me the best, the purple and light blue/green (can't tell), which seem to be the same. The ones with foam inside and the grey ones definitely don't sound as clear. I press the tips all the way down onto the piece. 




I press on the corner, marked 1, to get the best insertion. But, if I press the back, marked 2, so they angle a bit or just on the center so they're inserted 1-4 mm more there's a clear difference in sound quality. It feels much more intimate and deep, maybe in part due to reduced outside noise. When I don't press on them, it sounds more distant and less detailed. Try this yourself, if you haven't.


 I'm not sure if it's because it causes the tips to have a better seal, it moves the tip a bit back over the microphone (probably not), or if it just puts it in an optimal position. Are there optimal insertion depths, regardless of seal (outside noise reduction) or whatever else may effect it? Like, a difference of a few millimeters? If i push them in a bit farther than that I stop hearing anything or it's very muffled.


Any recommendation for tips for someone that prefers an analytical sound? I like my music to sound very clear, the way it was intended. I want something with good noise reduction that stays put when you push them any amount. 

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does anyone know where to get small dual flange tips for these? Will atrios fit these?

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I got the GR06 recently in my quest for my ideal IEMs for use only with iphone/ipod and carry them always "on the go". 


I'm having a hard time finding the ideal ear tips for them, I guess due to the square shape of the earpieces, the nozzles cannot go inside enough.


Lemme elaborate a little:


I have had the ER6i for several years but rarely used them apart from long train/plane trips. They weren't ideal (for me) for several reasons: they doesn't sound great directly from an ipod/iphone, and the tips I end up using (the foams) though giving me tons of isolation (a thing I don't like) were uncomfortable, so I never got used to them.


I found that even having several DACs, DIY amps, K701 etc I end up using (and enjoying) the stock earbuds the most, when walking the dogs, late at night, when cycling, etc...  I also found the in-cable volume play/pause/forward control so convenient that now is a must for me. 


So I decided to give IEMs another try without breaking the bank; the fact is stock apple earbuds with an iphone can sound amazingly well if you reposition them to your earcanal ideal position, it uses to be an awkward one, and they don't hold very well, moving, not being comfortable etc, but they can sound great for what they are.  So my reasoning was there should be IEMs out there  that:


1 - Didn't cost a ton 

2 - I didn't mind re-cabling with stock iphone earbuds cable w/ controls (read the previous one)

3 - sound reasonably well directly from an iphone, w/o being overly analytic: i.e. being gentle with not so great eq'd/mixed/produced music. 

4 - don't isolate you completely from the real world, while having good sound, bass, etc.

5 - are comfortable, don't move, etc


My first try to see what kind of SQ/comfort  I could expect were jays a-three. They sounded OK, though not detailed and didn't like its bass;  but microphonics and cable weight were horrible, making them only suitable for not-moving use. I used the medium tips.


Then I tried a pair of Senheisser CX300 II, this time I did the re-cabling. Used the medium tips. They sound so-so, I wanted more detail, more controlled bass, etc.They fullfilled however all points but #3. 


Now I got Vsonic GR06. I tried them w/o recabling them, they fullfill all points, I used the stock tips and found them small. Then the medium (blue sony hybrid knock-offs), then ones similar to the stock in shape (more conical) but bigger.


However they don't keep its position, moving easily and gradually-completely losing isolation. I think maybe the nozzles are short and somehow the square earpiece shape prevent them to enter completely in the ear canal.


I have however very little experience with IEMs so would be of great help if fellow headfi'ers can guide me. I read this thread and the appreciation one, googled, etc.


BTW, Bukujutsu, your post was very helpful!


I'd prefer either hybrid or silicone tips, I don't like to be absolutely isolated with foam tips.



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Vsonic gives everybody a ton of tips but people still buy aftermarket tips, weird!

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Originally Posted by writereviews View Post

Vsonic gives everybody a ton of tips but people still buy aftermarket tips, weird!

Although there's a lot of tips in the package they're mostly the same hybrid in several different sizes either with or without foam inside them. Apart from 1x comply foam 1x double flange (none of which fitted my ear) they're all basically the same tip. It looks like a lot but considering only one of those hybrid sizes fit your ear perfectly.....really only leaves you with three tip styles.
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It's funny. Despite all the tip rolling I did, I always went back to the stock (non-hybrid) tips.

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My comply T400 that I ordered do not fit the GR07. Not really happy about that since on these forums it has been said that they do!


Also, I just go some real sony hybrids and I get an excellent seal compared to stock and they fit the nozzle much better than the stock hybrids. 

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Good day! is there a headphone that has a same sq with Vsonic Gr07?


-Yakiboy with love

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I think this thread may be better suited for your question. But as a preface, you may need to be a bit more descriptive describing what you are looking for. There are many equally good but different IEM's at similar prices.

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Thank you tzjin. I'm looking for a headphone at hat has the same or not par sound quality of the gr07 has.

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If the Meelectronics tips fit perfect on GR 07, then its awesome. I tried hybrid, some foam, and many double, single flanges but the triple flanges of MEEs were too awesome(never tried comply foam though). It was isolating like anything on my previous Meelectronics M6 and it was very comfortable wearing them for longer periods.

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How are the supplied "sony hybrids" with these?

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