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I own a pair, and yes, they definetly are not worth the $180 i spent. The sound is not as good as people say or as bad as people say. i used to be one of those "beats haters". now, not as much. The bad: not worth it at all, worth like $100 at most. The sound does get much better with burn in though. When i first opened them, they only sounded ok, now just 2 weeks later, or about 14 hours of listening, they sound much better. The good: amazing isolation. They leak some sound at like 50% volume, but you cannot hear anything also. Someone was yelling at me from 8 feet away and i couldnt hear them. Also, they're pretty comfortable. If you wear glasses though, not as much. you can move your glasses above your ear more and it gets better. Really, its up to you. If you dont care as much for money, go buy them, if you do, its kinda hard to find the same type of headphone that is as comfortable elsewhere. Hope this helps.
Screw myself, I wasn't thinking two months ago. The beats are terrible headphones. They kill your ears after just one hour of listening. I have a pair of Shure srh440s (hence my profile pic), and they sound far better than the solo hd. Yes, they actually sound better, not just different. The 440s have a much larger soundstage and also sound much more balanced and natural. For that price rang ($160-$180), the Shure srh840 would be a much better choice.