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For Sale: Audio Technica ATH-A500

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For Sale:
Audio Technica ATH-A500

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Selling these because I am moving away.

These headphones are amazing for gaming because of their incredible soundstage. Bought these in Japan around 2007 or so. I don't believe you can find this model anywhere in North America (the only one available is AD-700).

They are also very bass-lite, so if you're looking for a bass monster, these won't be it. It's mainly for gaming, and maybe some acoustic/vocals/classical.

Two tear and wear things to note:

1. I got rid of all the pleather that was on the pads. The original ones were crap and would continually flake off after a while. Underneath is a cloth material which is more comfortable IMO.

2. The left earcup has some marks on it. This is because I superglued a mic there for gaming. I took it off and used some paint thinner to remove the dried glue.

Pick up at Dundas station during the day or Markham after work hours.
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