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Schiit Bifrost issue - any ideas?

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I'm really enjoying the Bifrost, but I have the following issue.  Any resolution ideas?
Anytime something is played to the device, a file is being written to the hard disk as follows:
The filename is random, and the size is very large (it looks like about 175KB per second of playback).  After a night of listening it was over 30GB!  Unfortunately my primary disk is very small (SSD) so the drive filled up fast.
I've tried several audio and video applications with the same result.
Also the files do not get removed or overwritten, I had to delete them manually.
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What program, OS and file type (MP3, FLAC, etc) are you using?

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Windows 7 64-bit


Foobar 2000 (both mp3, flac formats)


Also when I play files in media player classic I get the same result.


I've tried all different sampling rates and this did not make a difference.

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Odd.  I'm sorry I have no idea!?


Did you contact Jason at Schiit about this?

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Assuming that you are using hte USB version. Trying uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

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Originally Posted by xxhaxx View Post

Assuming that you are using hte USB version. Trying uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

Ahh, how I love Linux and OS X.  (Sorry, I had to.)  tongue.gif

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Yes I contacted Jason and he replied (very quickly!), they haven't run across this issue on any of their test systems so he will forward it on to C-Media.


I thought maybe someone else ran into this issue.  I'll definitely post the resolution here :0)

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Odd, I hooked it up to a laptop (vastly different hardware) and the same issue persists.


Good ole Windows!

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Yep, getting the same issue. Didn't even notice until you posted! 


Windows 7 Ultimate here, they're apparently being written to my main system hard drive's C:\ folder/partition. Had accumulated 30GB worth of files after ~5 days of use. Not that huge of a deal for me versus you, since I'm not using a SSD and my HD is a 600 GB capacity, but I e-mailed Jason as well to let him know you're not the only one affected. Sort of annoying, I guess, but for now I'll just have to remember to delete the files semi-regularly.



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Makes me wonder what would happen if I tried to play the WAVs - wonder if the CMedia driver/board is recording playback and writing the playback to a WAV somehow?

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I am able to play the .wav files back - they are exactly the stream of audio thats being decoded for me.  Thanks for the confirmation :)

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Interestingly, when I played one of them back, it also played back part of the audio from a trailer I just watched on YouTube - when the Bifrost was turned off and my Realtek on-board audio was playing through my M-Audio desktop speakers blink.gif



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I too was getting the issue with the c-media drivers writing what seems to be transcoded files to c:\ with the drivers schiit posted up on their web site.  I tried the 5/25/11 beta drivers for the MHDT USBridge (also CM6631 based), hosted at http://dhost.info/mhdtlab/Usbdriver.htm and the files went away, so I'm certain its a driver issue.

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Just a guess.  Maybe the driver got compiled with a debug flag set.  The WAV files written to the C:\ might be a debugging aid.  If that's the case, then recompiling the driver in release mode without any debug settings enabled should fix it.

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Thanks a lot evilhippie! I downloaded and installed those 5/25/11 beta drivers and that resolved my issue as well!

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