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SoFlo Mini Meet 11/5/11 Impressions  

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Well just wanted to thank those that turned out for a fun mini meet weekend. Just for those that don't know how Florida rolls, our meets are more about friends getting together and having a fun time together than gear listening. That said we had some good gear present so I thought I'd open this up for some impressions. 


Carl brought a Woo WA6SE that just killed! It was set up with a Macbook and small dac and the HiFiman 500 headphones. This amp just plain out rocks! I've heard the 6 before a few WA6SE and while they were good I had not had this reaction. Carl's is set up slightly different than stock and was a great match for the HiFiMan 500. This set up produced very clean detailed sound from top to bottom with great instrument definition and detail  I also listened to the Audio Technica AD2ks and Sony PFR-V1 (weird but wonderful small speaker orbs with bass tubes!!). The AD 2ks were wonderful through this set up and it really showed off the AD2ks bass abilities. The sony's were a surprise as they have been riding the pine in the back of my closet for the past year and WOW they sounded good out of this set up. 


Frank had his DynaMight there as always the sound he gets is stunning. He's had this amp or an iteration of it for some time and I am always impressed each time I hear it. The HiFiMan 500s shined on his set up. 


I also had a Wavac MD300b set up with K1000s and the Sonic Studio 305 and as were able to get the JH 3a demo kit for the weekend and most were very impressed with the sound they heard. 


As always the meet was bookended with a few meals out and a few great beers to share. My thanks to all that attended!


pics to follow

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Jp, great meet!  I guess this is why they call you the "indispensable one".  it was great seeing everyone, great time Friday night as well.  The meet may have gotten me back into headphones again.  I really enjoyed the Hifiman HE-500 out of Carl's WA6SE as well as Jp's Melos (which is now home with me).  I didn't really listen to much else other than the K1000/Wavac rig which was excellent.  It reminded me of HeadFest in NorCal and Min's K1000/Air Tight? amplifier which was best of show.

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Looks like a good mini meet as usual. You Fla guys know how to party.Mins setup at the norcal meet was The k1000/Zanden300b amp,best I have heard the K1000.

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Originally Posted by bozebuttons View Post

Looks like a good mini meet as usual. You Fla guys know how to party.Mins setup at the norcal meet was The k1000/Zanden300b amp,best I have heard the K1000.

That's right, a Zanden.  That was killer.

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JP thank you for the invite. Great meet, here are some photos.


photo 1photo 2photo 3.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5.JPGphoto 6.JPG

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howzabout some more impressions folks - especially wrt to the jh3a and the wavac k1k. how close was it to the zanden (i know, silly question trying to compare 2 different systems via memory separated by 4+ yrs). i've always admired the wavac amps. what's it rated at? how does it work with orthos?

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I messed this up! thought it was at night in JP's apt as in the past and instead it was during the day. Between it and a funeral of friend's mom I could not make it, sorry about it JP and friends.

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Dave there is no way to accurately state what the Zanden vs Wavac k1000 thoughts are... They are probably both great but different sounding as the Wavac is extremely extended and fast not 300b like at all and I like it! It still has very lifelike mids but none of the wooly bass or rolled off highs and weak leading edge transient response that I got from the early Cary 300b and ASL that I once owned.

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And more importantly, the Wavac sounds amazing in his speaker rig.

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