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up to $500 for macbook pro setup

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Hey, I sold my 580's a few months ago because my hippohifi dac didn't work on my new macbook pro. What's a good reliable and solid setup for the MBP? Thinking I might deviate from sennheisers this go-round

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anyone, help please?

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Whatever $300-400 headphone you want, paired with a Fiio E10.

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I haven't stayed on top of the headphone market for over a year now. Is the filio a nice budget dac/amp these days?

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It is, should be powerful enough for anything in that price range, though it cuts it close with Hifiman's inefficient HE-4 planar headphones.

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If you have firewire, get a used Apogee Duet for $250-$300.  Then you have almost half your budget left for phones.  I like my HD25-ii, but a set of Grado 225s, or Beyers DT1350 would be very good too...

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sorry to be tedious about this but will the original duet work on the 2011 MBP? and does it have sufficient amplification?

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If your MBP has a firewire port then yes.  My 2009 has it, but I know firewire is getting phased out for light peak, so you need to know first.  My Duet runs my Senns, Grados, and Audio Techs fine.  It might not push the more power hungry phones out there, but they are out of your budget anyways...

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thank you. last call for any other suggestions

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I love my dacport. I usually carry another USB drive filled with foobar2k portable and flac/mp3s. It's a very transportable system. Used to have first Duet, it's too attached to MAC because of firewire. Plus, I think dacport sounds better.


Beware of headphone selection, if you are a bass head, you may find the dacport's bass anemic.  But it handles all my headphones very well. Should've kept your HD580 though, they sound great out of dacport.

Good luck.

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I think I'm going for the d2000's. Thoughts on a complimentary dac? I think that I would have to get a converter to use the DUET on my MBP (I have teh 2011 model and i'm not sure it has the right firewire connection)

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