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Returned my Etymotic HF3 and bought a pair of Sony XB500's today.  What a blunder that was, they're going back ASAP!  The bass is nice and thumpy, but at the expense of the treble and midrange.  I had to listen closely to feel the detail in the vocals that I felt rather easily with my old $40 pair of Sony in-ears, and in some cases there was a very obvious recession in the treble.  I don't like harsh, piercing treble, but I still like clear treble!


Also, they're damn hot.  When I read comments about over-ears causing sweaty ears, I thought that was only in the worst scenarios - sitting out in the summer heat, or wearing them for several hours.  My ears were sweating within 5 minutes.  I guess I should have expected that with the XB500's, since their earpads are only slightly smaller than monster truck wheels.



However, I am learning a lot about my personal preference.  This is, after all, the first time that I am venturing outside of the IEM/earbud zone.  It's difficult for me to find a pair of comfortable AND good-sounding IEMs, especially difficult to find a nice fit because my inner-ears can get rather oily after an hour or so of listening to music.  However, having sweaty/hot ears is just as bad!


I think I need to find a nice middle-ground.  Perhaps on-ear headphones are my true calling.  My only concern about on-ears is how well they sound.  My gut tells me they're not going to sound as clear as IEMs, and not as surrounding and perhaps reduced bass compared to over-ear headphones.  Sort of a Jack of all trades, master of none, you know?  Is my gut correct?  It has been wrong before!


I also really don't want anything that leaks noise.  I'm a university student, and I often spend 2 or 3 hours in the library working and listening to music.  I really don't want to be that jackass with loud headphones in the library.


In any case, I'm going to start searching for some on-ears and see if I can find something that works for me.  The Sony XB500's reminded me that, in fact, I prefer a more neutral signature.  No harsh treble, no overbearing bass, and a lovely clear mids.  Hearing the voice, in perfect detail, is very important to me.  Do you guys know of any on-ears that can deliver to my preference?



As always, I greatly appreciate any advice.  You all have been extremely helpful and I hope you have the patience to continue to help me for a little longer.

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just saw your post on Gizmodo. And as many people have pointed out. The Sony's aren't bad. but from what i know about sony's and what you just experienced. They are usually/tend not to be the most neutral sounding and clear headphones at all. Like your first post. I still recommend the Shure 440's and the 840's if it's possible for you to get your hands on an 840 if your lucky(sometimes price dips just at $110) 

look at some reviews for the 440's. and i can tell you. each one of them will tell you that it's so frickin neutral and clear for this range. the only cons is the coiled wire sometimes and the pads. which get a little quesy. and some say no bass.that is true at first. but pair it with lossless tracks. 100 hours of burn in. a line out dock and an amplifier. the bass just blows everything away







this is lifehackers combined project with head-fi check out the bottom. the shure's are listed as a best buy for the price range


The Shure's sound better amped and with an LOD. i recommend the FiiO L9 LOD(if you have an ipod) and an FiiO E6 amplifier. After some hours of burning in.. the bass will come in on it's own if that's what you want. and if you just want the most neutral soundind cans...it's already comes that way.


There have been very good can's for the money. for example the samson 850's as i detailed in my other post. but on neutrality and clarity. i can't comment on that. it's close to the 440's but from the reviews. it's still a little behind. it's $50 though




I'd like a pair of neutral-sounding headphones, but I do appreciate some extra bass (but not a stupid amount).  I like the voice to sound highly detailed and realistic, "organic" if that makes sense."


With what you said. i don't see how any Sony's were recommended. The Shure 440's from reviews have been noted to have a slightly better low hz responce and so better for rap than other "studio's this doesn't necesseraly make them better for rap or pop but for recording and playing back the spectrum better. 


A Gundam 00 fan I see :)


I have played all sorts on my Shures. from I'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight-U2 which plays back beautfully to Eminem's Just lose it, Lose Yourself, halies song. All in Lossless of course. the 440's don't miss a single beat playing back the rap and pop(i use the EQ bass boost on my amp) and plays back U2 and other more clasical rock songs just beautfiully.


I have burned mine in for about 300 hours. and at this time. The bass on the 440's is so heavy that turning my E5 amplifier(the E6 is newer and just came out, marginal improvements on an already outsanding cheap great amp) onto near full with mind blowing rap from lil wayne, flo rida, jayz, black eyed peas(a milli, right roudn, empire state of mind, just can't get enough, boom boom pow) that it shacks my head and headphones. no literally. sinc ehte Shure's are designed to be portable and all in one. it doesn't have enough clamping strenth on your ears(too much is bad but) like AKG's design and others which have those little springs that clamp. the Shure's don't...so when you start playing some bass ehavy songs. the headphone will start vibrating


No damage to the drivers or distortion either. it's just vibrating as in the ear pads are moving and i feel it shaking. pressing my hands on it fixes this and delivers ....a really really really good experience. don't like the bass? like i said before. since these have been reveiwed to be netural. they will play back whatever. 


if you need anymore help. don't be afraid to ask :)



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Wow thanks to you(TS) for listing the music.... liked it very much. A Jpop music listener here too! And currently using SRH-440 and used it to listen the music you've shown.... Had not try alot of headphones but IMO the problem i have now with the SRH-440 is sometime it creaks when you move it, the pads is not comfy... (get the SRH-840 pads) and it is kinda heavy... sometimes.


In terms of SQ using this music as preference, the only prob i had is the vocal is not sweet enough, quite cold actually (which is one of the reasons I want an upgrade from SRH-440) and the instruments does not have a clear separation. Everything else is just nice for me.... biggrin.gif

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