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For Sale: [SOLD][AUS] Sony XB500

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
[SOLD][AUS] Sony XB500

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Selling a XB500 from the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.

Price stated ($1) is not the real price, make an offer if interested. Take into account the cost of getting the XB500 shipped from the US into your offer if you are considering making an offer.

Buyer will pay their accepted offer + shipping cost($15 within Aus) + Paypal fees (2.5%) or just their offer for local pickup.

First owner of the cans and owned for 7 months. Less that 50 hours listening time and no burn in was done to these cans. No visible scratches but one corner of the leather headband is wrinkled (not torn). Original box is not available, just the headphones and the original case.


Make an offer if you're relatively close by and don't want to pay for expensive shipping from the US.


I'm not really here to make a profit, just need to recoup part of my expenses so I can experience better cans out there as stated in my ATH-M50 classified.


Thanks for looking! dt880smile.png


EDIT: Will add photos tomorrow. Promise! Photos added!

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I thought you told me these were sold?

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^ Unfortunately the deal didn't go ahead. Still open for offers.

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