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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

I don't think any of these:


Stax SR-X mk3

Audio Technica ATH-W11R

Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN

Audio Technica W2002

Audio Technica ATH-W1000

AKG K1000

AKG K501


Audio Technica ATH-AD2000



are midrangey, they all have heaps of treble.  Grado is the trebley-est of the trebley-est.  There really aren't that many midrange-centric headphones.  Most of the others are just neutral.  Like the T50rp isn't mirangey if it's modded properly.  In stock form I guess it is. 

Get out of here...


Almost every Audio Technica woodie belongs in the Midrangehead Club and almost all of them have a boost in the mid-range. No, not all of them have a perfect rainbow sig, but they get close to emphasize vocals. If there's any doubt, the AT-ESW9a even measures like a rainbow, but no bass nor treble isn't fun. The only AT woodie that I think might not belong here is probably the W1000X, but I wouldn't reject it. It's mids aren't more recessed than a Stax O2. AT tends to emphasis treble and midrange, ie W1000, or bass and midrange, ie W11JPN. The W11R doesn't have heaps of treble... It's midrange is way more emphasized and treble less emphasized than a Stax O2 mk1.

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My Grado 225s and RS1is have great midrange.  Not sure why they are not on the list.  :)

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My RS1 definitely has extra sweetener in the mids.

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I never really thought of myself as a "midrangehead" but I own 3 phones and they are all on the list: 

Koss KSC-75

Meelectronics a151

AKG K501


Love them all. They all have different purposes and excel within their intended application. Also, I love the fact that, brand new including tax and shipping, they cost me a total of $165 wink.gif

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Anyone have Sennheiser HD 558? is that midrange heavy too?

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Despite their ability to produce skull-shattering bass, I think the Kenwood KH-K1000 belong here; they do magical things with vocals, harps, pianos, and other stringed things. 



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I made a thread for the fun/ v shaped lovers. Can you share this op?



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 Subscribed :)


 Grados, Grados, Grados, GRADOS! And hearts <3 <3 <3 so many hearts for GRADOS :D


 A little over-enthusiastic I know, but some nice acoustic guitar and vocals on these things is enough to make me cry (in a VERY good way).

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I think it's time to put the W3000ANV on here. =) They are possibly the best and has the most romantic midrange I've ever heard in any AT woodie or any headphone for that matter.

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I'd like to humbly nominate the Sony Z1000s. I personally think they're pretty unappreciated, probably because they seem to be a little polarizing here on Head-Fi.

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All hail Audio Technica and STAX for their midrange goodness. I really wanted to order the W3000ANV but my wallet just doesn't agree with me sadly.
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So I moved from that SR-Lambda with rebuilt drivers and thicker diaphragms, fed via SRD-7/SB and a receiver to an SR-202 fed via SRM-212 over the last few days.


For some reason, I got this impression of it sounding a bit..."sterile" compared to the vintage Lambda, for lack of a better word. Then someone in the big Stax thread suggested it could be the midrange.


So I bumped up the midrange a bit, and...holy crap, now the vocals are closer to what I remember! Now I'm asking myself if I'm actually more of a midrangehead without realising it, though I still don't want any part of the spectrum to be sacrificed.

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I guess I can join, stock T50rps at the moment.

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you should add the zana deux in your list..

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Originally Posted by customcoco View Post

you should add the zana deux in your list..

Will do. smily_headphones1.gif

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