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Chet Baker

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This is my go to album/CD/file

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Chet Baker, "Chet", is the most beautiful jazz album ever made. Soulful, melancholy, and still. I am using the music on my website:


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Ahhh yes...dear old Chet!


Every single time I had a girl over during my single years, if it moved into the bedroom, I would play some Chet Baker. Magical results.


Here are some of my favorite Chet Baker albums:


Chet Baker - Chet


Chet Baker - In New York


Chet Baker - The Route (aka Playboys) feat. Art Pepper (going out of print)


Chet Baker - Chet Is Back! (Out of Print - get it if you see it cheap!)


Chet Baker - Baker's Holiday


Chet Baker - Best of Chet Baker Sings


Chet Baker - Plays Lerner & Lowe


They all sound pretty darn good too!

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I got My Funny Valentine by Chet and I was shocked at how simple and smooth his stuff is.  He is truly one of the greats.

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I first discovered Chet Baker through the Bruce Webber film "lets get lost" at some art-house theater, half-drunk on red wine with a gaggle of friends. We were all blown away by his story, the music, and the film. I had no idea who he was before I stepped into that theater.




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I only recently discovered Chet Baker upon hearing his album, Chet Is Back!  I like it a lot.  I'll look into getting more.

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i will buy this album.

i really love the music of this man

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Dave Hickey wrote a brilliant chapter on Chet Baker in his book Air Guitar. It's highly worth checking out even if like me you are not a devotee.

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I've been looking for the album 'The Incredible Plays and Sings' everywhere online, and I can't find a high quality version of it! I have a 192 CBR MP3 version of the album, but I want much higher quality. The album was originally released in 1977 on vinyl. I'm looking for MP3 256 or higher, preferably FLAC. The song 'Autumn Leaves' with Ruth Young is my favorite, so even that track alone in high quality would satisfy me. I'm in Canada. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd love to find any copy of "Live in Tokyo"

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