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For Sale or Trade: IC/FT: Grado HF-2 & RSA Protector

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For Sale or Trade:
IC/FT: Grado HF-2 & RSA Protector

Will Ship To: Canada, CONUS

I have too much gear at the moment. I'm looking to either sell some of it, or exchange some for an RSA SR-71B. I could also be interested in headphones like the D7000, the HE-6, the HD650, HD800, T1 or W5000. PM me if you are interested in anything.


- Audio-Technica ATH-CK10: Great condition, reterminated to Oyaide 3.5mm straight. I truly love them, but I have some customs coming. I have a pouch with dozens of different tips, which I'll include if you'd like.


- Grado HF2: Brand new condition. I am parting with them because I have obtained LCD-2's. Comes with the original box, autographed by John Grado.


- Grado PS1000: Would rather keep it, but will trade for an LCD-2 rev. 2, preferably with leather headband and wooden case.


- Pico Slim Limited Edition: Black, mint condition. The thing you see on the picture is just a bit of residue, which I have rubbed off. It really is in flawless condition.


- RSA Protector: Black, mint condition. Comes with charger and everything. Will trade with money balance for an SR-71B.


- TWag V2 OM IEM cables: All brand new and never used. I have a black one with Viablue 3.5mm, a clear one with Viablue 3.5mm and a clear one with RSA balanced. I can reterminate any with Oyaide if you'd like. All current plugs are the original ones from Whiplash Audio (as I said, they're all brand new/unused.

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Hey Benjamin6264,  I got your pm, but I've already reached my maximum of 2 pm's per day.  I am interested in your offer, could you email me directly at edited...?


Thank you,



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PM sent!

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Pm sent (yesterday).

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