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Originally Posted by amham View Post

I've had the iD100 since the end of September and have had nothing but problems.  The major issue is it will not dock with the iPhone 4 or iPod Classic (160gb) reliably.  In fact, I estimate a connect success rate of less than 20%, two tries out of 10...maybe if I'm lucky.  Constant fiddling and shifting to try and make connection.  It will not connect to my IPad 3 whatsoever.  I called Audio Advisor and they referred me to the CA authorized repair agent only, they want no part of it.  It is now with CA's repair facility in Canada awaiting a determination as to the trouble.  The Apple connector is weak and I suspect a mechanical problem or loose internal connection.  Of course, if it does not connect you can not determine the firmware version..."catch 22" if you are trying to determine the problem with an iPad. I would suggest not docking the iPad, it is too large, heavy and awkward for this dock.  CableJive makes a strait through male/female cable and I suggest using it to prevent connector damage from repeated dockings.  This cable works 100% with the Pure i20 and will most likely with the iD100 when they return the repaired (optimistic?) unit.  Although nicely built, this does no good if it does not work.  An expensive item compared to the i20 and at this point not recommended. 

Sorry to hear that you have facing problem with the ID100 , I did not face any issue with ID100 with my iPod Classic (160gb) , they connect well , and USB connection with PC allow me to syn. the iTunes to iPod directly while docking. 

I reckon it must be a faulty unit that you have. I will suggest you send back for replacement.


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The iPod classic 7G is fine with my id100 but with my iPad 2 it really struggles. The remote is much better with classic and would easily beat the onkyo nds1 dock. The remote functionality with the iPad though is very poor.
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Originally Posted by Kremer930 View Post

Just ordered one of these.  Will be interesting to compare it to my Onkyo ND-S1 with an upgraded power supply.  



Can you provide details on the upgraded PS?  I have the Onkyo in a peripheral system and really like it for what it is. Always looking to tweak and squeeze out a little more...  Thanks.


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Here's my quote on my experience with the upgrade PSU for the Onkyo which btw I am sellng Along with onkyo which I postedvon head fi FS section a week ago


Tonight I did an A/B comparison between the stock 'wall wart' PSU that came with the Onkyo ND-S1 and my custom made PSU from Custom HiFi Cables Ltd.
Source component was my 3Gs iPhone playing Linn Radio's Jazz station streaming at 320 kbs.

I've been running the system with the Custom PSU for several weeks now. So tonight was merely substituting in the stock PSU

Simply put, NO comparison. With the stock PSU, everything sounds shut in, closed in, two dimensional, no air around the instruments or voices. The soundstage is much much wider with the Custom PSU. Everything is more dynamic. I wasn't expecting such a leap between the two

Bottom line, the Custom PSU makes me want to listen to music (exactly why I bought the Onkyo in the first place) the stock PSU is uninspiring, uninvolving. hence no desire to listen to the music.

Before going to the Onkyo and an existing DAC, I was just taking the analog signal out of the LOD iPhone port into my headphone amp. That signal was uninspiring as well.

I thought about buying a $200 plus LOD cable from the iPhone to my headphone amp before I knew about the Onkyo. The wadia iPhone transport was way too much money to even consider.

All things considered, the money in the Onkyo and Custom PSU was a far better choice than buying a very nice analog LOD cable. Cheers!

David (US)
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Take a pic when you get a chance. Although after just changing from the Onkyo Nds1 to the Cambridge id100, I don't think I will be changing again for a little while just yet.

Good to hear the remote works properly. Cambridge is pathetic on that front.
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Originally Posted by amham View Post

Got tired waiting for the return of the repaired (?) id100 and purchased a Wadia 171i.  Seems this is on sale by most distributors for some reason.  Got it for $349 via Buy.com and their credit deal, good price according to suggested retail.  This is the updated version and it works 100% within it's specs.  It comes with a standard wired connection for all idevices or sockets if you so choose however not recommended, keep the stress off the Apple 30 pin connector at all costs.  Remote works flawlessly and, of course, it always connects without difficulty.  Nicely made and compared to the id100 a much more impressive device.  Check it out!

I have actually been considering it after the price drop and looking at DACs with remote-controlled volume to make up for the iD100's shortcomings... Can you confirm that all RC functions are supported on an iPod (*), but most importantly digital volume (and not just buttons on the remote to be used with a secondary device like a receiver)?


Would much appreciate the clarification, thanks!

(*) ex.: assigning a rating to track (i.e. press the center button once while listening, then on the subscreen choose a rating, usually done using the wheel in the iPod itself)

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So I was considering getting one of these to bypass the DAC of my iPod Classic 160GB and utilise the Cambridge Audio 840C's DAC. Am I right in saying that getting a id100 is one of the only ways I can do this?

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A couple of days ago, I got my final DAC choice (hopefully rolleyes.gif) thus this final update.


Previously on this channel:


I used the id100 for several months. Really wanted to like it, love the elegant design, installed the latest firmware, contacted tech support with any issues, the reply was always: sorry but everything works fine in our lab, even when I pointed out that others were having the same issue (esp. re: iPad)


- Used the id100 for short periods of time with a Schiit Bifrost & Maverick Audio D2, mostly optical: occasional drop-outs


- Then used it with CA's own matching DacMagic 100, the reason I got it in the first place, both optical & coaxial: occasional drop-outs


- Then got my almost-final DAC, the M-DAC, a fully loaded, firmware-upgradable fancy DAC. Both optical & coaxial:

      - Jitter-rejection off ("automatic"): constant drop-outs

      - Jitter-rejection medium: occasional drop-outs (i.e same as the other DACs)

      - Jitter-rejection full: finally OK

Used that for quite a while since I really wanted it to work, but it was annoying that such a high-priced dock was so mediocre on a basic functionality level. I also narrowed down the drop-outs to higher-end files: 24-bit, 48kHz, later 16-bit, 48kHz after I found out that while the chipset supports it, and the iPod accepts the 24-bit files, it actually doesn't play back anything more than 16-bit. I have a lot of down-converted files (96/2=48), so the fact that the id100 was only mostly stable (and probably tested) at 16-bit/44.1kHz is a big let-down...


- So now lastly the Yulong Sabre D18: it is the first one I own that includes an AES/EBU connector, also available on the id100, and which I could never test. Now I was finally able to put the high-end cable I bought ages ago to use... The DAC is high-end but no frills at all. The instructions specifically state that it needs a high-quality, stable-clock signal to work correctly since there is no corrective hardware... and sure enough the signal-lock light blinks at irregular intervals and playing a higher-quality lossless file results in the same old drop-outs as above, in sync with the (no) signal-lock LED, even through the high-end AES connection... and that's finally enough for me!


So as per Amham's post above, (re)enter the Pure i20, my first dock, had been gathering dust for months. Hooked it up: rock-solid signal through every output, both on the D18 and the M-DAC (with jitter-rejection off!). And remote-controlled adjustable volume (maximum = line-out level) And a decent built-in DAC to hook up with any old stereo system. For 1/3 the price. Sure, I don't particularly like the iPod-on-a-pedestal design (the iPad, though it works, looks downright ridiculous) but you can't argue with the results. And the crappy remote: replaced it with a cheapo Acoustic Research learning one, problem solved.


I can't even sell off the id100 in good conscience knowing the above...


So my favourite (and final) iDevice solution:

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