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Proud new owner of Audio-Technica ATH-W5000. Yay!!!

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Finally picked up a pair of ATH-W5000.  I am uploading my unboxing video to share with you guys.  Initial impressions are that it's gorgeous and very well made.  The sound is a bit slow for my taste.  Male vocals are very nice.  Fit is kinda wired, but not uncomfortable.  They feel light on my head.  I wish the pads were thicker.  Pictures to come.


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Congratulations, I've personally never heard Audio-Techica headphones but am a fan of their looks. Thanks for the initial impressions as well, looking forward to more.

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Video is up.  Love to hear what you guys think of it.

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I wish you would do more proper impressions than unboxing stuff, But congrats to you anyways, I think they can be downright ethereal-like sounding with the right music, I've had many amazing night sessions with these on my head.

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 Why are these headphones so unrecognized on head-fi? I've heard good things about them elsewhere, but not one mention on head-fi until now.

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Good buy! I have these too and they sound amazing with Jpop female vocals!

Their resolution is also amazing.

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I don't know how to do a good video impression on the sound.   Any advice?

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Mind if I ask how much you payed for them? I like your videos because of all the "ooooooohs" and "woooooows", haha.

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$379 delivered.  

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Unboxing is great as usual! I love watching your unboxings even though I would prefer if you posted a video review afterwards. :D

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Where did you get them for $379?!
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If this is "new" price it is incredible. Be sure to do a proper burn in . They need low frequencies to be played to get those stiff membranes going smoothly. Also you need some kind of warm and dense source and/or amp.

I just saw your amp inventory and I think you need some upgrade to really give them justice. I've heard them first time in German audiophile's setup with Singlepower amp and I've loved them from this moment. Do not be put aside i think they are still one of the best cans if you provide them with proper source and amplification. And as always it is a matter of taste.


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Slow? Compared to what? :)


Amazing cans though, but tricky with amplification as AD2000. Not that they wouldn't get enough power from just about everything, just that they benefit from some proper matching...

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Okay, so where can you get W5000's refurbished at that kind of price? I really wouldn't mind a second pair, & some of my friends would be interested too.


& I don't find the W5000's slow at all! Way waster than the HD650's, AFAIC. I do agree that the pads could be thicker, but this can be addressed with the knitted wool-circle cushioning mod.

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great cans, should go down as a classic in time. agree with good amping to eke out the most delicate of sounds from these. when I had these I ran these off a stello amp and that was good enough.

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