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looking for decent speaker

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currently i own an alessandro ms2i, and i kinda like the details it gives me


im currently looking for a speaker setup, for my computer, that has more or less the same brightness (or details) of an alessandro ms2i...


my budget will be around US$1000


is dynaudio considered bright?

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I use a pair of Alesis Monitor one Mk2's,they have the detail and i drive them with a SMSL  T-Amp TA2021 chip which adds a certain brightness. I was only thinking this morning that they are sounding more like my SR325's than they did with my old English ss amp(Cyrus 1).It's amazing how good these little chinese amps sound after 50 hours burnin.You really don't have to spend silly money on this stuff,you are only buying a label after all.tongue.gif

Mind you it's taken me 45 years to work this out biggrin.gif

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The Mission Cyrus One was a great amp though, especially the MkII. Ah those were the days.

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Like wallace my PC Audio set up is a TA2020 based amp with a pair of Polks and for the $$ i am floored tongue_smile.gif Runs cool and dependably 24/7 too!

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Check out the Adam A3x and the focal cms40.

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