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For Sale: Silvaweld SWC-1000 BFA tube preamp

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For Sale:
Silvaweld SWC-1000 BFA tube preamp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have for sale a legendary preamp that has garnered unanimous praise across the web. This is the BFA edition, rarer and improved version of the regular SWC-1000. 

The tubes have been upgraded to NOS Mullard 5ar4, NOS RCA 417a and Amperex goldpin 6922. 

As for sound, well, what can i say that hasn't already been said better? In my humble system consisting of diy speakers and a gainclone amp, it simply makes the music sound alive. 

The unit is in a pristine condition. I have cared for it with utmost respect that such a product demands. :) 

*I'm selling it to fund my tube amp project. and I apologize for the flash smudges in the picture, they are from my camera phone, not the preamp itself! 

*The unit is set for 220v but any up-converter should make it operational without any loss in sound quality


*It will ship from Seoul, South Korea via fedex priority. 

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You got PM

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Would you have Silvaweld SWC 450 BFA preamp?


Kind regards,


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interested in 550 preamp, swc1000 , better version, and phono 550 have any feedback? you can call at 914-234-0062 eastern 

time usa..




ps I was looking at Allnic, is this as good?

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looking to buy 3 pieces...2 550 pieces and the 1000r bfa  preamp...still selling? sent another email, not sure if this messaging is working!


I am an Audiogon veteran with perfect feedback....



best ,


Michael Stanton


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